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If I am being honest, I was a bit worried when I heard that Judas Priest were about to release their 17th studio album, Redeemer of Souls. I am a rabid Priest fan and like many other fans of the band, I was quite disappointed in 2008’s concept album, Nostradamus. Moreover, with the departure of K.K. Downing I was additionally skeptical of what I would find.

Some believe that the first rock opera was Pete Townshend’s conceptual tale of a deaf, dumb, and blind boy. Tommy by The Who was a visionary album that, since its release in May of 1969, has sold over 20 million copies. Cited as one of the most influential records of all time, Tommy is a 24-track “amazing journey”, which depicts a momentous time in The Who’s career, preceding the eminent Who’s Next album.

Go Radio’s video for the stunning ballad “Goodnight Moon” is now featured online. Check it out below. A fan favorite, the track is included on ‘Lucky Street’ Deluxe Edition, a special version of the Floridian four-piece’s acclaimed debut Lucky Street. The release features the single “Any Other Heart”, plus bonus tracks that include unreleased songs, demos, and a cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. ‘Lucky Street’ Deluxe Edition is available on October 24th.