Released on September 10, 2015, Human Paradigm is the newest effort from San Diego-based metal band QUOR. For the record, I knew nothing about this group when I sat down to listen to this album and, as such, I had no preconceived notions about them or their music.

Opener “Silence And The Spark” kicked off with a great riff and a nice mid-tempo rhythm, so I settled back ready to have my socks blown off…. Unfortunately, when the vocals kicked in, I was less than impressed. Lead singer Brian Corn is not that bad by any means, I just don’t think his voice really fits the music. Why you ask? Well, it seems to lack a certain something; I quite can’t put my finger on it but, for me, it just doesn’t work with the banging, progressive guitar and rhythm tracks. Second is his delivery. While Brian Corn’s range is decent, it seems to need work and, at times, feels flat. Regardless, these issues combined made this a disc that, while decent, not something I will be revisiting anytime soon.

All is not lost though as there is at least one shining gem on Human Paradigm. The last track, “Let’s Rise,” is heavier and sees the band fall intro a great groove. It all clicks into place and shows a group with a lot of potential. Where they go from here, though, I have no idea.

Track Listing:

01. Silence And The Spark
02. When The Gods Speak
03. Human Paradigm
04. The Reverent
05. Guardian
06. Watching You
07. The Fragile Break
08. Paradise
09. Let’s Rise

Run Time: 32:18
Release Date: September 10, 2015

Check out the song “Human Paradigm” here.