On their full-length release Hymns of Mare Nostrum, Hail the Titans incorporated elements of progressive, ambient, experimental and noise rock to form their own astounding sound. The disc was recorded at Headless Dinosaur Recording in Montgomery, Alabama, mastered by Sarcophagus Studios and released worldwide on August 26th of last year. If you want to get to know the band’s vibe, then grab this free download of their song “Cesium”.

Truth In Adversity is the newest release from the Denver based hardcore/ambient band, Anchorage. This is an interesting disc that successfully combines a unique blending of ambient electronic music with hardcore and even a bit of deathcore. For example the track “The Bounding Main” starts off in the hardcore genre and then progressively gets heavier until it becomes a full on deathcore pounding, that incidentally is my favorite track on the disc.

Although Norwegian band Ulver began its recording career as a black metal band, the outfit has evolved so much since its 1995 debut album, Bergtatt—Et eeventyr i 5 capitler, that the only accurate way to classify it would be if there was a genre called “chameleon.” Its sound defies description, not just because it doesn’t fit neatly within musical boundaries, but because Ulver’s albums are meant to be experienced, not just listened to.

The great Maynard James Keenan is back! Unfortunately not with a new record from his visionary rock band Tool. As the members of Tool try to get on the same page fans are left with a new release from Keenan’s solo project Puscifer; a group that has remained active since the late 2007 release of their debut V is for Vagina. Releasing various remix albums and EPs along the way, Keenan has finally readied Puscifer’s sophomore record Conditions of My Parole, due out on October 18th.

Give Me Rest is the latest release from the North Dakota trio of musicians known as Hands. As a fan of their debut, I was anticipating this album for a while and happily I was not disappointed. The first song, “I Will” quickly sets things in motion with its hypnotic drum beat and unbelievably emotional vocals courtesy of Shane Ochsner.

On a Saturday night I decided to head on over to a local show in town adjacent to mine. There I watched the Quebec band Manahil perform, as they call it, ambient music for metalheads. After seeing them live I had to get myself a copy of their album Hadayane and decided to share with you just how it sounds.

Described on their Facebook page as “ambient, indie, post rock”, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Athletics’ debut release Why Aren’t I Home?. Could something really be ambient, indie, and post rock, and actually work? Well, it seems that yes, yes it can. From the outset, the opening track, bearing the same name as the album, is Athletics’ way of saying “Here we are. This is what we do.”