The Skinny: Posthum is a metal band from Nannestad, Norway that formed in 2004. After they met, the three members began rehearsing and writing and soon recorded a demo that was released in 2005. After said demo, Posthum would begin work on its debut full-length album and continue to do so diligently for about three years. The record was eventually released in April 2009 and it received great reviews from the underground press.

The reception to Posthum’s debut album motivated the members to carry on and build on what they had started. The eagerly anticipated second album will be called Lights Out, due to be released September 21st on Indie Recordings. Look out for Posthum on tour soon, promoting their awesome second record. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive world premiere of Lights Out.

Lights Out Track Listing:

01. Untame
02. Leave It All to Burn
03. Scarecrow
04. Red
05. Absence
06. Resiliant
07. Down on Blood
08. Summoned at Night
09. Afterglow
10. Lights Out