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The Skinny: From arguably the greatest rock city in the world comes Seattle, Washington’s Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter. The band’s music is a cross of innocence and dark aggression resulting in something new and intriguing. The group was built on a foundation of vicious guitars along with a super-tight rhythm section, forming a truly formidable sound. Kiss The Gunner’s Daughter has an upcoming EP due out quite soon and today, from said release, we’re pleased to present you with a free download of HOT track “Still Here.”

The members each have been sharing the stage together for many years, but never together in the same group. Temperedcast drummer Kelly Murphy started firing off musical ideas to S.Y.F.T. frontman Sean Ingalls and soon the two had several songs ready to go. To round out the band’s lineup, Murphy looked to his long time band mates, guitarist Josh Perry and bassist Nick Sundesten of Temperedcast to fill the void. Unlike most bands just starting out, the musicians that compose Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter are already accomplished instrumentalists and song writers which has helped them get established much sooner, even sharing the stage with national acts such as 36 Crazyfist, Ten Years, Straight Line Stitch and Floater.