The Summer Set is a pop rock/powerpop band from Scottsdale, Arizona that formed in 2007 and released their first EP on September 30, 2008 titled …In Color. In December of 2008 The Summer Set released their EP Meet Me On The Left Coast which included their Christmas single, “Love By Our Side”, a b-side titled “Can You Find Me” and an Usher cover, “Love In This Club” as a bonus track.

On September 1st, Dreamt Music/Facedown recording artists Abel released their debut EP, The Honest Love. The three-piece band from New York has created a disc with a heavy Indie feel about it. After a summer tour, including a stop at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois the band is back at work on a follow up CD. I caught up with frontman Kevin Kneifel and…

There is an old saying that says “Never Judge a Book by its Cover.” While I must say this is usually a good practice, it is not as easy as it sounds. I am to a certain extent guilty of doing just that. Quite often I can find myself predicting what the music will be like when I pop the disc into the CD player. Not the case with Hollywood Undead. I had no idea what lay in wait for me when I first picked up a copy of the new their release, Swan Songs. All six band members adorn the front cover in various stages of face paint, masks and hoods; completely hiding their identities it was difficult to determine what I was getting into.

Zack de la Rocha is an extremely talented and influential individual best known for his musical masterpieces created while still with his former band, Rage Against the Machine. The name of the band alone is, in some senses, a summation of Zack’s true character: a wildly rebellious man whose primary goal is to simultaneously push others to think for themselves and encourage social and political reform.