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Grey Fields Premiere Their “Weather the Storm” Music Video

With “Weather the Storm,” Grey Fields delivers a captivating, hypnotic, and haunting audio-visual experience.



Chicago-based art-rock/prog-rock outfit Grey Fields introduces their music video, “Weather the Storm,” a track lifted from their latest album, Vesna, which the band describes as revolving “around the concept of cycles. It’s moody and filled with existential questions, sort of similar to a band like Radiohead.”

Grey Fields comprises Alex Dzamtovski (vocals, guitar, keys), Adam Repp (bass, vocals), and John Polischuk (drums). Formed in 2016, Grey Fields released their self-titled album in 2017, followed by an EP, Sometimes the Dark Outweighs the Wonder, in 2019.

Speaking about their sound, the band shares, “It combines elements of folk and rock but often fuses that with classical music in terms of structure and instrumentation.”

“Weather the Storm” opens on sizzling cymbals flowing into low-slung layers of gliding wistful prog-rock, topped by Alex’s plaintive voice, imbuing the lyrics with melancholic timbres. There’s a dark, dreamy quality to the vocals, simultaneously crawling with secrets and a desire for isolation.

“Get out of my wave / Get out of my soul / The garden I tend / Is all that I know.”

Fragile strings enter, underscoring the latent shadows of the vocals, vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd, hanging on suspended filaments of coloration.

The video merges black and white images with kaleidoscopic colours and surreal geometric patterns, resulting in a translucent, angular dreamscape.

Alex explains his approach to composing:

“Making music was always much more an opportunity to put things into perspective for me when nothing else could. The creative process is something akin to wandering in the dark and attempting to find something that feels real and true that you didn’t know existed prior. You don’t always find what you’re looking for but when you do it’s always deeply rewarding in myriad ways. So, if anything, it’s the process itself which is the most inspiring.”

With “Weather the Storm,” Grey Fields delivers a captivating, hypnotic, and haunting audio-visual experience.

Artwork for the album ‘Vesna’ by Grey Fields