Exes come in all different shapes, types, and forms, but there’s always one type that tops them all for worst; let’s call them the maniacal ex, the one who just can’t let it go and has a bad way of hiding it. Pop singer Alex Solomon is taking on the role of the crazed ex today in her latest music video for “EX-GIRLFRIEND.”

An infectious dance-pop hit, the song tells the story of a deranged girlfriend who is completely, fully, and totally consumed with their current partner’s ex. They just can’t leave well enough alone and enjoy their relationship for what it’s worth; they have to obsess over how superior they are to their lover’s ex. It’s the embodiment of self-absorbed, as Solomon takes on the role of the jealous girlfriend in the song and its video.

Discussing the song and its conception, Solomon shares:

“I am absolutely ecstatic that V13 is launching the exclusive worldwide premiere of the video. Dreams, on dreams, on dreams come true! A million thank yous!

“‘EX-GIRLFRIEND’ as a whole is an alter-ego performance, therefore for the video I was very intentional on leaning-in to the fantasy of it. ‘A DIY, Y2K, self-proclaimed Popstar’ was as detailed as my brief got when it came to the production. It’s supposed to be slightly comical, taking heavy inspiration from Post Malone’s music video for ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ before he was famous.”

As an artist, Solomon sees herself as being more than just a pop star, singer, or even songwriter. She identifies as being a storyteller, first and foremost, an artist who uses her music to convey themes, anecdotes, and meaning to her audience. At 21 years of age, Solomon has been mastering her craft since before her teen years, largely keeping it to herself though until the age of 18. She would write songs and sing in secret, but by the time she turned the magic number 18, she decided she couldn’t live without giving a career in music a try, so she packed her bags and moved from the small seaside town of Plettenberg Bay to the big city of Cape Town.

She enjoys crafting plotlines within her songwriting, making her songs like stories that listeners can relate to and identify with. It’s particularly identifiable for young audiences who can share the same experiences. Though even if you’re not young or a teenager, you can think back to when you were, and appreciate Solomon for both her talent and her spirit.

Artwork for the single “Ex-Girlfriend” by Alex Solomon