Can you feel it? Can you feel that spark that’s ready to explode? That’s how you might describe Love Is Enough, who are lighting it up today with their brand new music video for their recent single “Burn.” The clip is extremely pertinent to the theme of the song, an anthem of sorts for the beaten or the bruised who need that extra kick to maintain that necessary motivation to keep guiding them forward.

Both the song and video are very moving, with the latter featuring scenes of young people, bloodied and battered, standing within ruins, looking for that glimmer of light to shine back on their faces. Very relevant to the day’s current events, it conjures up thoughts of the hardship and devastation that people encounter the world over each day.

Offering their personal perspective on “Burn,” the band told us:

“When you feel like you don’t fit, or your anxiety and fear of all things unknown in life is getting too much, if you stick to your strengths and the people who really care for you, everything will be ok. ‘Burn’ is the song to listen to, to release the frustrations of life.”

A true “power trio,” the members of Love Is Enough are longtime friends who have played music with each other in various bands over the years around the hometown of Salisbury, UK. Singer Thor Porter is also a music producer who operates his own studio he has called Thor’s Kitchen Records. In early 2019, guitarist Ben Whatsley began working with Thor on some recording for a session project and during that session, Thor let Ben have a listen to a snippet of a track that his friend Cameron Walker had written, and Ben was overjoyed at what he heard. They then joined forces musically and the chemistry felt natural and organic right from the get-go.

When the pandemic lockdown arrived, they all continued to work together remotely, and just wrote as much as possible. Their writing continued through the second lockdown and by last May, they were able to hit the studio and record eight songs in addition to the four they were able to record in summer, 2020. Aside from recording, they have worked hard at forging a live sound that would complement their studio recordings. It’s all worked out nicely, with Love Is Enough a band that will have no trouble appealing to any wing or faction of the alternative rock and pop audience.

Tour Dates:

05/07 – The Guitar Show, New Bingley Hall, Birmingham, UK
06/18 – Gold Coast Oceanfest, Croyde Bay, UK
07/09 – The Chapel Homecoming, Salisbury, UK

Artwork for the single “Burn” by Love Is Enough