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HEALTH Smash Down Musical Boundaries at Manchester’s White Hotel [Photos]

Industrial noise rock band HEALTH smashes down musical boundaries in the back room of Manchester’s White Hotel. Check out the photos here.



HEALTH is a band that breaks the law and physics when it comes to music. I’ve been curious as to how the hell they can produce something that I feel was deemed impossible to do. What we all witnessed tonight was something remarkable with their energetic, charismatic ways perfectly matching the music, music which leaves you mesmerized.

For this date of a small tour of the UK, we are in a small venue in Manchester at the White Hotel, which, to be honest, was actually a good choice of venue. This place was pretty much at full capacity putting you right in with the band. For artists like HEALTH, an intimate show is perfect, giving a different vibe than a bigger venue. Then the music hits you as you get sucked into the heavy industrial vibes before the soothing vocals leave you hypnotized.

People tend to think if it’s heavy and industrial it’s going to be screaming/angry but this isn’t the case. HEALTH shows us you don’t need or have to have any aggressive vocals in the music. Honestly, it would be strange to hear any growling. A few tracks also started as pure instrumental before the band felt the need to add vocals.

HEALTH @ The White Hotel (Manchester, UK) on April 19, 2022

Having released Vol 4: Slaves of Fear in late 2019, a huge turning point for the band to truly show us what they have got, including the huge hit which we love today, “feel nothing” and DISCO4: PART I back in late 2020 this was another huge stepping stone as “body/prison” with Perturbator both tracks a work of art. To top things off, their new album DISCO 4: PART II (read our album review) saw the outfit collaborate with huge artists like Nine Inch Nails, Poppy and Lamb of God. An ambitious project, an opportunity of a lifetime and one that, fingers crossed, we will see more of in the future.

HEALTH shows us today that by breaking barriers, pushing things to the absolute limit and combining/creating music that is deemed a true test you can make something so surreal it questions what can be done next to be on par or beat it. Either way, we should all be looking forward to what happens next.