Heavyweight Dutch DJ and producer Sam Feldt teams up with Australia’s Tones And I on “House For Kings,” a song projecting sensual dance motion.

Talking about the track, Feldt says, “Working with Tones And I on ‘House For Kings’ was an incredible experience. The initial topline and vocal of the song had a quirky, fun style, which lent itself perfectly to creating a fresh, bouncy, and radio- and club-ready dance-pop track.”

Feldt arrived on the scene in 2014, releasing his remake of Robin S’s “Show Me Love,” followed by dropping a series of singles, remixes, and albums, amassing more than one billion streams. On her part, Tones And I ascended to stardom with the release of “Johnny Run Away,” followed by “Dance Monkey,” which collected over 2.8 billion Spotify streams.

Opening on exotic, percolating tangs topped by the intoxicating voice of Tones And I, “House For Kings” flows into a pulsating rhythm. Delicious washes of dance-pop surfaces merge with the pushing cadence to deliver a voluptuous, tropical ambiance.

There’s an aching yearning filtering through Tones And I’s vocals, imbuing the lyrics with intimate, entreating timbres as she realizes wealth and material objects can’t substitute for love.

“I got a million rings and a house for kings / But it don’t mean nothing, it don’t mеan nothing / Got a fancy car in the driveway now / But it don’t mean nothing if I don’t havе you with me, you with me.”

With “House For Kings,” Sam Feldt and Tones And I reveal their magical touch, blending a tasty dance rhythm with shimmers of pop.

Sam Feldt in 2023
Sam Feldt in 2023

Run Time: 3:20
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Record Label: SF Music BV/Sony Music