Alternative artist Paul Supreme merges elements of electronic music, pop, and hip-hop on his latest single, “Ninja Sword.”

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Paul was first introduced to the music industry by his father, Dennis Flemion, who played in a band called The Frogs. The Frogs earned the respect and admiration of artists like Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, and Billy Corgan. As a result, Paul was around some of the biggest names in the industry as a young boy.

Exposed to the personalities of major artists early on instilled in Paul a relaxed attitude toward superstars.

He explains, “I don’t care who you are when I meet you, I will never put anyone on a pedestal, nor will I ever look at anyone as lower than me. You could be the richest person or the poorest, but we all go to the same place.”

“Ninja Sword” opens on soft, shimmering colours, rolling into a thumping rhythm topped by layers of swirling, percolating, shuffling, droning synths. Paul’s rasping timbres, a bit remote yet soaring, imbue the lyrics with rasping, passionate timbres.

Using sonic pressure, including heavy bass tones and chill, sparkling accents, Paul gives the melody interlacing washes of flooding emotions.

Not quite hip-hop, not quite pop, “Ninja Sword” offers a synthesis of stylistic flavours, resulting in a rococo electro-pop fusion.

Paul Supreme
Paul Supreme

Run Time: 4:19
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Record Label: Independent