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Colony Collapse Reflect on Missed Opportunity with Their “Frozen” Music Video Premiere

Melodic metal band Colony Collapse unveil the music video for “Frozen” off their upcoming EP due via Theoria Records.



Colony Collapse

Melodic metal can be a misleading characterization because often, the metal is not all that melodic, but that’s quite the opposite when it comes to Colony Collapse. You’ll hear it loud and clear in their new single “Frozen,” a song that marries the best elements of the fierceness of metal with the delicateness and harmony of gentler, more melodic music.

It’s an early preview of what to expect on the band’s recently announced new EP, You Miss Everything, locked and loaded for release on September 8th via Theoria Records. This song has remarkable vocals, vicious breakdowns, burgeoning energy, and some poppier moments that may catch you off guard. It also has a free-spiritedness to it, with the band intent to take the song wherever they want to, a creative freedom that is not always apparent within the machismo of modern metal.

Discussing “Frozen,” lead singer Noah Khorey explains:

“A song about missed moments and the struggle to find stability. ‘Frozen’ moves through a wave of emotions, from feeling engulfed by the intensity of connection to the cold realization of distance and change. In the aftermath, you’re left to look back on actions you weren’t proud of, people you never told the way you feel and wrongs you never made right. These things linger, taking up space in our hearts even as we move forward. Through those memories, I’m able to examine my own failures in the universal struggle of love and loss, while also hoping to leverage the weight of the past into lessons for the future. Next time, I don’t want to stand still.

“Even if the words feel trapped in my throat by layers of swallowed skin. Even if I can’t be sure of the outcome when faced with the opportunity to take a risk. The reminders of things we’ve missed serve as a vengeful motivation, urging us to seize our next chance to exist fully within a moment we wish to matter.”

Cutting through the ordinariness of current metal, You Miss Everything is a personal tale of separation. Thematically, it touches on themes of grief, doubt, and longing from the point of view of someone who has been left deprived. Sometimes we are left chasing ghosts, and sometimes we even get close to them. These songs are intended to determine, or at least lend some meaning to, whether these ghosts are versions of ourselves that we never turned into or symbolic of regrets and apprehensions that will curse us until we finally can let them go. This band has a genuine authenticity, rough around the edges, just the way they intended it to be.

You Miss Everything Track Listing:

1. Too Much, Too Soon
2. Empty Mirror
3. Take Forever
4. The Love That Remains
5. Reticent (feat. Kellin Quinn)
6. Frozen
7. Dead Cellar
8. My Ghost
9. emptiest_mirror
10. still_frozen
11. deader_cellar

Colony Collapse ‘You Miss Everything’ album artwork

Colony Collapse ‘You Miss Everything’ album artwork