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Ellis Paul Premieres His Super-Sunny “Gold In California” Music Video

Written with Kristian Bush of Sugarland, resilient artist Ellis Paul debuts the video for his latest single, “Gold In California,” off his upcoming album, ‘55’ (Rosella Records).



Ellis Paul, photo by Jack Looney

Resiliency, persistence, and perseverance are how you might describe the career of Ellis Paul, as he today debuts the official music video for his latest single, “Gold In California.” The song was just released, and now the accompanying video arrives, an absolutely gorgeous visual with breathtaking camera work and aerial shots of the Boston, Massachusetts’ native’s home away from home.

The song was written with a hand from singer-songwriter Kristian Bush, well known for his work as part of the country music duo Sugarland. Paul felt compelled to write “Gold In California” by all of the inspiration that inspired him about The Golden State, its beauty, its culture, and all of the imagination that it spawns within a songwriter such as him. “Gold In California” captures how Paul feels about the state and its importance to him.

Telling us more about the song and how he feels about California, Ellis states:

“It’s a spiritual home for me. So I like to share the place. There’s so much of a creative draw there— to write, to paint, to drink wine with someone you love. I hope to live there someday. We captured how it makes me feel.”

Paul is commemorating the 30th anniversary of his songwriting career with the release of his latest record, 55, due for release on June 9th via Rosella Records. It’s quite a significant milestone for any artist, but particularly Paul, who never thought he’d see the day, largely because of a condition called Dupuytren’s contracture, which causes tightening of the fingers and a challenge to be able to straighten and move them. Obviously, this would make guitar playing and the playing of any instrument an incredible challenge, which provided extra motivation to Paul to put in his best work with 55. Not knowing how long he’d be able to play competently, he brought an exceptional work ethic to the writing of this record. Fortunately, he was able to get surgery late last year, which helped free the fingers on one hand, but he has remained committed to the process.

55 is both reflective and cheerful. Paul shows great appreciation for the life he’s been able to live, and the good fortune he has had throughout this record. He has released over 20 records in his career, written children’s books, and won countless Boston Music Awards. It’s a success that he does not take for granted, and he hopes to have another 30 years ahead to continue doing what he does best, using his imagination and creativity to continue to inspire others.

Ellis Paul ‘55’ album artwork

Ellis Paul, photo by Jack Looney