New England-based singer-songwriter Viana Valentine swirls in a dream-pop landscape with her new lead single, “Hella Depressed,” out now across streaming services.

“Hella Depressed” documents those raw, intrusive feelings, all while embracing the listener who feels similarly. With her latest release, Viana Valentine is ready to share her story with the world and demonstrate how music can be a powerful tool for healing, comfort and understanding.

Commenting on the track, Viana Valentine shares:

“‘Hella Depressed’ is a song to sway to, reflecting on the ways that I work through depression or self doubt in general. ‘For just one second I can clear my mind, gonna find myself for the hundredth time.’ I talk about why my head is spinning and then what I try to do to silence the noise. It’s a pretty simple concept in the way it plays out in the song, but it’s a forever cycle and forever struggle of mine.

“The groovy and mid tempo vibe of the song overall is a perfect counterpart to the mental circles I’m spinning in while I’m going through these struggles. The lyrical theme of the song and the music that goes alongside it balance each other out in that way.”

Debuting on small stages as a freckled, teenage angst-filled and smooth-voiced Sicilian girl, Viana Valentine most recently punched the clock as frontwoman for the pop-rock band Royal Street. After the band’s separation, Viana Valentine emerged as a solo artist, holding closely to her roots of raw instrumentation, finding herself craving vintage guitar tones, and smooth piano parts recorded in her kitchen for a real band feel with some addition dreamy production for her latest release.

“Hella Depressed” comes ahead of Viana Valentine’s debut studio project, Fever Dream, available June 2, 2023.

Viana Valentine 'Fever Dream' Artwork
Viana Valentine ‘Fever Dream’ album artwork