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Behind the Video: Point North Discuss Their Bruising “Safe And Sound” Music Video

For our latest Behind the Video interview, Point North lead singer Jon Lundin talks about the hockey-themed video for their bruising single “Safe And Sound.”



Safe and Sound, photo by Niles Gibbs

All great bands can hone their sound, finetuning it to where they feel it needs to be, and that’s a process that Point North began last year. In that time, they have come towards a heavier, more impactful sound that their cohorts and fans have noticed. You can particularly hear it in their recently released single “Safe And Sound,” featuring melodic verses, chugging guitars, and epic guitar breakdowns. And let’s not forget some throat-shattering metalcore euphoria from none other than Jonathan Vigil, lead singer of The Ghost Inside. Vigil has known the band for some time since he grew up in the band’s locale of El Segundo in California.

Lead singer Jon Lundin, guitarist Andy Hersey, and drummer Sage Weeber have really come a long way with “Safe And Sound,” a “statement” type of song, one dedicated to anyone who has ever had their space invaded and had to fight back. Along with the song came the recent release of the official music video, featuring the band and Vigil playing a pretty epic, and at times brutal, ice hockey game.

For our latest Behind the Video interview, we spoke with lead singer Jon Lundin about how the hockey concept came about, his favourite hockey teams and players, and more.

How did the video’s image and/or concept come to you?

Jon Lundin: “Vigil and I both grew up as Los Angeles Kings fans playing hockey. So right away, I knew it had to involve hockey somehow. Our band was also a little burnt out on the traditional music video where you just see the band performing. We wanted to make something fun and different that was entertaining to watch; and broke the mould of the traditional music video a bit. So we decided to just shoot a game and beat the hell out of each other.”

What’s the story behind the single and video? Can you elaborate on the hockey theme?

“The song really doesn’t tie too much into the video idea. The song came from a very place and personal experience. It’s a little close to home for me to share the details, but basically, it’s about someone’s ability to ruin all the work you’ve done on yourself. How someone negative in your life can still hold power over your happiness no matter how hard you try to overcome them.”

Who are some of your favourite hockey teams and/or players?

“Kings fan for life. I started watching during the Luc Robitaille era. I loved watching the ‘70s line’ with Jeff Carter, Tanner Pearson, and Tyler Toffoli. But Anze Kopitar is my MVP, and I actually share a birthday with Jonathan Quick.”

Who would you like to collaborate with on future videos/songs?

“It is always an interesting question for us. We love to step outside our genre and scene for a lot of our collabs, so the answer is ever-changing. It would be really cool to lean heavier into hip-hop on the next collab, whenever that is.”

How do you think the video will affect the listener’s perception of the band/album?

“Hopefully that we’re trying to take ourselves too seriously. That we have other passions outside of the band, and that we’re always trying to do something a little different.”

Point North x The Ghost Inside “Safe And Sound” single artwork

Point North x The Ghost Inside “Safe And Sound” single artwork

What’s your favourite thing about this video?

“Watching Andy and Sage learn how to skate (laughs).”

What are some of your favourite videos of all time?

“I don’t exactly have a favourite video, but we pulled inspiration from ‘I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?’ by A Day to Remember and The Mighty Ducks.”

How did you come up with the concept for the video?

“The concept for the video came as soon as I knew Vigil was for sure going to be on the song. And I’m glad it did because it gave me an excuse to buy new skates and start playing again.”

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