Rookie Manners is an artist coming into his own. He invites you to groove and chill out to his debut EP, Outro (Subtle Energy), which you can experience for the first time today.

The London-based producer and DJ has cooked up five tracks that are an introduction to his diverse style. The EP hits on all the right spots, with each track offering you something different from the young artist. From more excitable, club-appropriate numbers to more ethereal sounds, you’ll get a taste of everything he has to offer.

Discussing Outro and what inspired its sound and composition, he tells us:

“The EP was originally written during the first lockdown where I, along with everyone else was experiencing a range of emotions during such an uncertain time. There was a certain energy I felt in the city during that period which I wanted to bring out in these tracks. I also made it my mission to make a song a day to keep the cobwebs away so the EP came together in a relatively short time.”

Using electronica, trap, hip-hop, and industrial, Rookie Manners is hard at work in crafting his signature sound. It’s all still a work in progress, with one of the benefits of electronic music being that it leaves so much room for growth and development. While we enjoy this debut offering, Rookie Manners is excitedly considering all of the possibilities that lay ahead for him.

Outro Track Listing:

1. Point Break
2. Blossom
3. Atomic
4. Gravity Nights
5. Mad Men

Rookie Manners ‘Outro’ EP artwork
Rookie Manners ‘Outro’ EP artwork