If you’re new to the scene and you want people to remember you, then a dramatic entrance goes a long way to fulfilling that goal, and that’s just what Connie Cunningham and the Creeps are doing today. We are helping to unveil the Nick Kinsey-led band’s brand new single “Going, Going, Going, Gone,” as well as formally announcing the release of the band’s debut record, The Rare Recordings of Connie Cunningham and the Creeps Vol. 1, which is due out this September via Earth Libraries.

The song’s title offers a hint of what it’s about; a song about running from a relationship in the most sensational way possible. That dramatic element is emphasized through the grand vocal delivery, along with the girl group-like harmonies.

Discussing the song, Kinsey shares:

“‘Going, Going, Going, Gone’ was the last song I wrote for the record and was the first I had written after hearing what background singers Cassandra Jenkins and Annie Nero were bringing to the record so in a way I wrote it with their voices and energy in mind. In a lot of ways it was a culmination of the tricks and energy I had refined in the process of making the record. Thematically it also seems like the cornerstone of the album and captures this feeling of nostalgic reckless abandon that I was going for.

“Like the other tunes, it was written on the optigan, a strange, old, noisy toy instrument that plays optical discs. In addition to the ladies singing, my dear friends from several musical projects, Oliver Hill and Jared Samuel played guitar and celeste, respectively. I played everything else.

“I mixed it to an old Tascam four-track tape machine and as I was mixing it in real time, I had to do several takes to get it right. I ended up filling up the tape. When I flipped the cassette the previous takes were coming up backwards on tracks three and four so I ended up mixing those in at times and got pretty lucky with some magical backwards psychedelic moments.”

Artwork for the single “Going Going, Going, Gone” by Connie Cunningham and the Creeps
Artwork for the album ‘Going, Going, Going, Gone’ by Connie Cunningham and the Creeps

When recording this album, Kinsey very clearly wanted to include a vintage, classic element to it, which is quite detectable on the AM radio-like pop of this first single. This song really sets the tone for the rest of the record, with Kinsey taking from a wide blend of influences, including the classic vocal group harmonies, the psychedelic spirit, the Beach Boys sentimentality, and the Latin polyrhythms.

As a valued contributor to many other musicians’ records, Kinsey was able to enlist many collaborators for this album, including multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman, trumpeter Mike Irwin, guitarist Oliver Hill, and Celeste player Jared Samuel. Many of the contributors to the record are musicians that Kinsey has met over the years within the close-knit musical community that exists in and around the Hudson Valley region in New York.

The fact that the record’s title includes Vol. 1 suggests that there is much more to come for Connie Cunningham, which is very much the case. For such a well-developed Vol. 1, it invites a lot of excitement for a Vol. 2, which Kinsey already has in some stage of development.

Connie Cunningham and the Creeps ‘Going Going, Going, Gone” single artwork
Connie Cunningham and the Creeps ‘Going Going, Going, Gone” single artwork

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