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Scream Blue Murder Premiere Their Beastly New Single “Creature”

The wait has been extensive but well worth it, as you’ll discover with the premiere of Scream Blue Murder’s brand-new metalcore single “Creature.”



Scream Blue Murder

The wait has been extensive but well worth it, as you’ll discover with the premiere of Scream Blue Murder’s brand-new single “Creature.” For fans of this metalcore wrecking crew, it has been a long wait since their 2019 album Rock Bottom, their last proper release. But sometimes excellence takes time, and the process cannot be rushed.

“Creature” is what you’ve come to expect from this British quartet, a ruinous conglomeration of thundering metalcore riffs that conjoins a high level of technical prowess and actual thoughtful storytelling, which is not always a given with harder-edged music such as this.

The song is a sampling of what’s to come from the band’s upcoming album Creature City which drops on Friday, May 12th, via Manic Kat Records.

Discussing the song and its deeper connotations, lead singer Aaron Bloomer tells us:


“We all face our own personal battles, struggle to defeat our inner demons and this is exactly what creature is about. We don’t have to face these problems alone. We are not alone, but when times are rough it can be hard to not feel this way. Let go of all the negativity in your life, find what’s causing you to feel this way and let the ‘creature’ free. We only live once. Let’s make life worth living.”

“Creature” is also the first new music from Scream Blue Murder since they signed a recording deal with Manic Kat Records. The long-awaited follow-up to Rock Bottom will come on May 5th with the release of the band’s new album Creature City. It’s been a proficient metalcore onslaught for the band since the release of their debut record in 2016, Hollow Stories. Their sound stays true to those classic metalcore principles while also intertwining their melodic brand of the genre.

Atmosphere and mood are of the utmost importance to the band, following in the footsteps of The Red Chord, Bring Me The Horizon, and We Are The Ocean. They have opened shows for bands such as Bury Tomorrow, Of Mice & Men, and Cancer Bats. Expect to see them out again on the road soon as they shake off the rust and remind metalcore fans that Scream Blue Murder is a special force to be reckoned with.

Scream Blue Murder “Creature” single artwork

Scream Blue Murder “Creature” single artwork