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Ajay Mathur – “Common Mistake” [Song Review]

Simultaneously whimsical and admonishing, Ajay Mathur’s “Common Mistake” (Yakketeeyak Music) starts absurdly and somehow transforms into a charismatic track.



Ajay Mathur “Common Mistake” single artwork

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur recently released his single, “Common Mistake,” a track lifted from his award-winning 2022 album, Talking Loud.

Co-written by Mathur and Mary Lou von Wyl, “Common Mistake” delves into the concept of conforming to socio-cultural values and attitudes.

According to Mathur, “As a cultural collective, we tend to make the common mistake of looking in the wrong direction or assuming that certain things in life are set in stone by virtue of convention or tradition when we are searching for meaning. We feel like we need to conform – buy the right things, have the right job, wear the right clothes, focus on material, fit in even if it doesn’t seem quite right.”

Born and raised in India and now living in Switzerland, Mathur’s sound ranges across genres, leading to comparisons with a diverse array of artists such as Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen, and the Beatles. Essentially, Mathur roams wherever he desires stylistically. This migratory tendency led to albums like the Grammy-nominated 9 to 3 and Little Boat, a personal favourite.

“Common Mistake” opens on a tip-toeing funk-lite rhythm topped by Mathur’s tantalizing, questioning tones, followed by the entry of a tinny, sleazy organ, giving the tune quirky essence, almost garish in its slinkiness. Yet when the harmonics ramp up on the chorus, the song takes on heavy guitars, conjuring up David Byrne as Mathur’s voice elevates to rasping, captivating timbres.

Ajay Mathur

Ajay Mathur

“Yodee yodee yodee-oh, yodee yodee yodee-ay / We make the common mistake.”

Simultaneously whimsical and admonishing, “Common Mistake” starts absurdly and somehow transforms into a charismatic track.

Run Time: 3:19
Release Date: January 27, 2023
Record Label: Yakketeeyak Music