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Seeing Things Reveal Prague’s Top 10 Bars & Pubs

Modern metal crew Seeing Things are very proud of their Prague, Czech Republic roots, so they share a Top 10 list of their favourite, frequented bars and pubs.



Seeing Things

Not content to just idly stand by, Seeing Things have higher-level goals for their captivating form of modern metal. The band released their latest single, “Soulkiller” last month, a song inspired by The Matrix film series and the video game Cyberpunk 2077 that delves into the dangers that are posed by merging humanity and technology. It’s indicative of the metal band’s more overarching goals, with their music acting as a reflection on current social issues of apathy and injustice.

With a down-tuned, poignant energy, the band is very committed to their message and sees it as being vital to our future as a society. Fear, anxiety, terror, and despair are all unfortunate current realities, and the members of Seeing Things are committed to taking on these issues head-on.

The band is very proud of its roots, coming up and forming in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. To offer up a small slice of what they love about their hometown, Seeing Things have shared with us today their Top 10 favourite bars and pubs that they have frequented in and around Prague.

1. Centrála

“It may seem like a regular coffee shop in the Prague Centre, but don’t get fooled! Just take the stairs down, and you will find out extraordinary place with cyberpunk decoration and vibe. This place is pretty special for us because our latest music video, ‘Soulkiller,’ was shot there!”

2. Cross Club

“If you are searching for true underground or aesthetic, this place is right for you! Cross Club is legendary, and we love it. Their program of shows and parties is truly rich, so you will never get bored there.”

3. Rock Café

“Great concerts, beer, and food in the heart of Prague. Not mentioning this pub would be a sin!”

4. Vzorkovna

“This small labyrinth with great beer is suited for long night parties with friends! If you want to see a really unusual pub with a lot of corridors, this place is just for you!”

5. Wing House

“We simply love their food. We order some of their delicious wings every time we have a recording session. You have to try this spot!”

6. U Cajpla

“Traditional Pilsner beer, and great fried cheese with tatar sauce. You will have a really good experience here.”

7. Futurum Music Bar

“Another place which is pretty special for us. One of our first shows took place here. I think it was the place where we realized that we are clicking as people and as musicians. If you are in Prague and want to see or hear some metal bands, this may be the right place for you.”

8. Ristorante VABENE

“If you are visiting Prague and you want to feel the atmosphere of Old Town city, Ristorante VABENE could be just for you! You can sit outside, drink delicious Pilsener beer for a reasonable price and listen to jazz musicians playing to make your evening even better!”

9. Jazz Dock

“Jazz dock is a legendary Prague jazz/blues bar. Great romantic place for calming down, literally sitting on the Vltava river. Get inspired there!”

10. Kasárna Karlín

“This interesting complex with a pub, coffee shop, bar, and much more is right next to the Florenc bus station. So if you are looking for a party, summer kino or just to hang out with friends, try it here!”

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