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Album Review

Aaron James – ‘Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore’ [Album Review]

At once velvety and inquisitive, Aaron James’s new album ‘Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore’ (Unapologetic ) conveys the vast, inescapable imminence of love.



Singer-songwriter Aaron James recently released his new long-player, Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore, an album addressing the various facets evoked by love – sadness, longing, pondering, anger, and anticipation.

James explains, “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is not about any particular relationship. It was written during a time where it felt virtually impossible to choose love, and it felt irresponsible to even search for it. I feel that dedicating an album to this emotion is almost my retaliation to that guilty feeling of searching for love in what often feels like a loveless world. I hope these songs can inspire and encourage people to choose having human experiences and not give up on love for the comfort of simulation.”

Recorded in ad hoc studio settings, including a shed, a team of three producers and multi-instrumentalists, including co-producer Kid Maestro and Eillo (keyboards, piano, harmonies), James wrote all the songs, sang all the leads, and played guitar.

Talking about the recording process, James says, “It mostly worked okay, except the sound canceling wasn’t great. It was frustrating, but a lot of stuff actually made it on the album, and it was a great exercise in capturing the DIY vibe of the time and just not taking things too seriously. I also hope the rawness translates and helps make this dialogue on love feel more honest as opposed to something that was way overproduced.”

The album begins with “I,” a philosophical dialogue on the idea of love, and then flows into “Dear,” an intimate folk song topped by James’ dreamy voice. As the tune gathers resonance, an elegant piano delivers vivid sonic gestures.

“Dear love, above / Your moon don’t align with my rising sun / And I heard that’s not good for relations / You said, you’d send / A strand of your hair in a letter you penned / But instead, you sent just the pages.”

Aaron James in 2022, photo by Gabrielle Duffie

Entry points include “Annalise,” travelling on a gentle, glimmering guitar riding a thumping kick-drum while swirling filaments of indulgent colours glide overhead. Low-slung and atmospheric, “Tenerife” floats on the soft washes of a glittering acoustic guitar accompanied by darker undertones. James’ whispery vocals imbue the lyrics with aching longing and wistfulness.

The beautiful “Reprise: Barefoot…” eases forth on a sad yet fluid piano, expressing the yearning of love for fulfillment.

Perhaps the best song on the album, the title track rolls out on supple sonic layers as James measures and quantifies the emotion of love. The last track, “Your Secret Name,” offers mellow pastoral folk textures, vaguely reminiscent of Cat Stevens.

At once velvety and inquisitive, Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore conveys the vast, inescapable imminence of love.

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore Track Listing:

1. Annalise
2. III
3. Release Technique
4. Tenerife
5. Ghost
6. Reprise: Barefoot…
7. Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore
8. Your Secret Name
9. I
10. Dear
11. The Breaker
12. II
13. Barefoot in the Snow

Run Time: 37:24
Release Date: November 4, 2022
Record Label: Unapologetic