Synth-pop outfit Professional Extra recently released their double-sided single, “yahoo” and “where it goes.”

Formed in 2020 and guided by artist and multi-instrumentalist William Sawikin, Professional Extra cherry-picks various niches under the vast umbrella of electronic music to create bite-sized pop bangers. Citing influences such as Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Beach House, and Neon Indian, Professional Extra’s sound blends elements of dream-pop, new wave, and synth-pop with cashmere electronic music into resonant, delicious sonic concoctions.

“yahoo” opens on shimmering colours topped by a high, crystalline voice and then flows into a lusciously effervescent synth-pop melody with hints of new wave flavours. A thrumming, mid-tempo rhythm gives the tune a rumbling cadence as Sawikin’s vocals imbue the lyrics with rich, dreamy tones.

“I’m waking up / Make it up along the way / Don’t sigh / If you tried / You can say what’s on your mind / Don’t cry / It’s enough / Give it up and walk away / It’s fine / Give it time / In your mind, you’ll learn to say / Yahoo.”

“where it goes” rolls out on a clean, clear filament, followed by the entry of a syncopated rhythm providing the matrix for creamy, jangly harmonic layers. A deep, heavy bass tone fills the tune with viscous energy while sparkling accents flow overhead. Sawikin’s voice, at once wistful and wonderfully lilting, imbues the lyrics with fluid textures.

“Out / In the cold / I’m alone / I know it / Out / In the snow / Indisposed / In the darkness / Love / Never shows / Never grows / I know this / Down / Down the road / Where it goes.”

Innovative and oh so alluring, “yahoo” and “where it goes” are singularly imaginative and persuasive, instilling listeners with mesmerizing sensations.

Run Time: 5:36
Release Date: July 8, 2022
Record Label: Professional Extras