With playful candour and lighthearted fun, Modern Temple releases their first love song in the form of a bouncy, high-energy track perfect for sunny days and catching feelings. “Going Steady,” out on August 12, is no run-of-the-mill love song. Balancing both the excitement of finding a partner with the inevitable challenges of a lifelong relationship, Modern Temple captures magic on the track.

Written by husband and wife duo Dustin and Ellie Moreau, the song was finished, ironically, on the day of their four-year wedding anniversary. Created out of a “reservoir of voice memos” off of Dustin’s phone, the song turned out to be a blend of organic indie-pop sounds emphasized by the ukulele and bass guitar, with a categorically danceable synth-pop beat, a strong melody and high-end vocal falsetto layering to top it off. “This fun up-tempo dance track gives balance to the deeper parts of the album,” Dustin explains.

Despite the track being on the lighthearted side, there’s still an element of thoughtfulness which is characteristic of Modern Temple’s writing and production style. While highlighting the beauty of a union, the two don’t downplay the hardships that come with being in a relationship. Instead, it’s overcoming the hardships that make the union that much more special. “This track is about the length a person would go for their lover while being aware that there are many ‘snakes’ that try to get in the way of a marriage in particular,” the two explain.

In the chorus, Dustin sings, “Crack in the ceiling see the light of day, Mr. Pessimistic trying to steal my babe. Sharpen knife, behead that snake. I would go a million many milky ways and 30 million minutes and a few more days if it means I get to make your wedding ready. If I was a betting man, I’d say we’re going steady.” In this way, Modern Temple brings depth to every facet of their relationship, the good and the bad. “Despite the challenges in marriage, the song highlights the joy that comes from the steady fight of sustaining a long flourishing marriage.”

Cover art for ” Going Steady” by Modern Temple