Country singer-songwriter Kimberly Morgan York (with whom we recently chatted) releases her new full-length album, Keep on Goin’, via Team Clermont.

Talking about the album, Kimberly says:

“All of my music is based on real-life…heartache, perseverance, joy, abuse, struggle, victory, and love. I want listeners to be able to connect to my music… to see reflections of their own stories in mine. I hope my songs make people feel less alone in their journey. I also want to entertain them and inspire people to laugh and let go.”

Keep On Goin’ features the gifts of Kimberly Morgan York (vocals, guitar), Scott Baxendale (guitar), David Barbe (bass, engineering), Carlton Owens of Cracker (drums), Jay Gonzales from the Drive-by Truckers (piano), Matt Stoessel of Cracker (pedal steel), and Adam Poulin (violin).

Kimberly Morgan York by Courtney Cooper

Following on the heels of her previous album, Found Yourself a Lady, the new album encompasses 10-tracks, beginning with “Three Chances,” which opens with Kimberly’s drawling Southern voice riding over a vibrating bassline. Once the song takes shape, it forms a measured, bouncy tune full of bopping energy.

Entry points include “Your Fool,” rolling out on a leisurely swaying rhythm as a crying steel guitar and violin imbue the tune with delicious, creamy tones. Kimberly’s crème de la crème voice gives the lyrics sad, longing tones.

“Fallen” kicks off on a contagious, country two-step rhythm topped by luscious layers of guitar, steel guitar, and violin, infusing the tune with enticing dynamics while Kimberly struts her inimitable vocals. This song is money from start to end.

Dark and sexy, “Kick Us” conjures up suggestions of Johnny Cash crossed with Chris Isaak because of its pushing bassline, driving tempo, and wicked washes of sonic color. Whereas “Love Songs” is vaguely reminiscent of Judy Collins, with a tight guitar solo and Kimberly’s twangy vocals imbuing the lyrics with wistful savors.

“Love songs are written for other women.”

A fat, popping bassline and shiny steel guitar make the title track a gem, while Kimberly’s velvety, evocative voice laces the lyrics with uplifting resolve.

Wow! Kimberly Morgan York has it going on. Keep on Goin’ offers slow, meandering, melancholic songs, as well as buoyant, compelling songs. This is definitely an album worth listening to.

Kimberly Morgan York by Adam Smith

Keep on Goin’ Track Listing:

1. Three Chances
2. Your Fool
3. Fallen
4. Kick Us
5. Another Lover
6. Love Songs
7. Numb
8. Keep on Goin’
9. Ruby
10. Sharing the Night Together

Run Time: 31:09
Release Date: July 22, 2022
Record Label: Team Clermont