Paris-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Yorina releases her sophomore EP, Bliss & Grief, via Wagram Music.

Talking about the EP with C-Heads Magazine’s Christine, Yorina shared:

“Writing songs is a relief to me. It helps me to feel free every second of my life. It’s something very special which leads me to discover the depth of my soul in a magical and beautiful way. Sometimes it’s hard, cause through the music I can see things I might wanna hide to myself and to others. It can be a very powerful internal battle but at the end, only lightness survives!”

Originally a professional seamstress, Yorina’s entry into music was serendipitous. At a party hosted by Dan Levy of The Do fame, someone began playing a Beatles song on the piano. Yorina started to sing along, impressing everyone, including Dan Levy, who encouraged her to pursue music. A few months later, with Levy’s help, she signed with Universal Music.

Also a model for Ford, in 2018, Yorina released her debut album, Dry Your Tears, a moving and melancholic collection of songs. For Yorina, melancholy is a vehicle for looking forward.

Comprising six tracks, Bliss & Grief begins with “Will I Ever,” opening on a delicious, mid-tempo rhythm topped by opulent layers of shimmering colors and Yorina’s evocative, translucent vocals. Dripping with yearning tones, the tune offers a smooth, rippling flow. Perhaps the best song on the EP, there’s an elegant residue to “Will I Ever” that’s charmingly alluring.

Yorina by Helene Dumont

Entry points include “Not Perfect,” pervaded by trickling guitars that transition to resonant layers of darker sonic tones, especially on the chorus. There’s a beguiling quality to Yorina’s voice, at once delicate and lusciously haunting.

Another gem, “Fake Sweet Old Days” rides a creamy rhythm and a lightly strumming guitar. Driven by the deep bassline, the music offers gilded washes of scrumptious alt-pop. Vaguely reminiscent of Julia Fordham, Yorina’s exquisite vocals imbue the lyrics with gorgeous textures.

Wow! Bliss & Grief is a grand EP; beautifully stylish and oh-so beguiling, Yorina’s yummy voice puts listeners under a marvellous spell.

Bliss & Grief Track Listing:

1. Will I Ever
2. Phases
3. Not Perfect
4. Play to Win
5. Fake Sweet Old Days
6. Will I Ever – Acoustic Version

Run Time: 22:04
Release Date: June 24, 2022
Record Label: Wagram Music