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In Conversation with Kimberly Morgan York: Her Debut Album, Passion for Dolly Parton, and Love for KISS [w/ Audio]

Christopher Long chats with rising Athens-based country artist Kimberly Morgan York about her debut album, ‘Found Yourself A Lady,’ and much more!



For decades, Athens, Georgia, has been recognized as a breeding ground for exciting new music—from the B-52s in the late ’70s to REM in the early ’80s to Pylon in the mid-’90s to current combos, including Drive-By Truckers and Widespread Panic. In 2022, an equally alluring artist has ascended out of Athens—country singer/songwriter, Kimberly Morgan York. When her debut record, Found Yourself a Lady, dropped just a few weeks ago, it thwacked me HARD—in the same way I was knocked out by the first Dwight Yoakam record, Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc., back in ’86. And I realized in short order, Kimberly was someone who I had to interview. So, I called her up. She took my call. And this is a “highlight reel” from that conversation. The entire interview can be heard by smashing these SoundCloud or YouTube links!

In a bonafide fanboy fashion, I drove the conversation straight to her just-released 10-song set.

“We recorded it back in 2006 with my old band, called the Everlovin’ Band, and that was my ex-husband, Brad Morgan, who’s in Drive-By Truckers, and then Adam and Wendy Musick and Chuck Bradburn who were in a band called, Southern Bitch at the time. It was really great. We called ourselves the Everlovin’ Band because Brad and I were married, and Adam and Wendy were married. But guess what? Nobody’s married anymore. So, we’re no longer ‘everlovin’.’ I have a whole new band.”

Authenticity and honesty are two components of Kimberly’s music that are being noticed. Are her transparent tunes autobiographies, or simply the result of well-crafted songwriting?

“Ninety percent of what I write is 100 percent from a moment of true inspiration from my life. I would say 10 percent of what I write is a composite of different experiences brought together and made into one moment. A lot of these songs are about being young and getting your heart broken. And those first heartbreaks are THE worst. But yeah, Found Yourself a Lady is definitely autobiographical in every way.”

Artwork for the album ‘Found Yourself a Lady’ by Kimberly Morgan York

The lead-off track on any artist’s debut record is super-important. And Kimberly hooked me from the git-go on her debut, with “Don’t Cry to Me.”

“It’s about an old lover, of course, that I spent a whole lot of time with and a whole lot of money on, and he was just a big ol’ liar. He always had something else cooking in the background. So, I put that song together for him. I don’t think he even knows that’s for him.”

To be creating music so honest and pure, Kimberly’s influences would have to be authentic as well. Was there a specific artist who she can point to as her definitive source of inspiration?

“I know everybody’s saying it these days, but I’m not lying, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Dolly Parton. I guess we had the 8-Track in the car when I was a baby, and I learned all the words to ‘Touch Your Woman’ and ‘Me and Little Andy’ and ‘Coat of Many Colors’ and all of that. When I was tiny, I would sing ’em in public, I would sing ’em for the family. I would stand on the coffee table and sing while my uncles and dad played guitar for me.”

Despite her downhome country influences, Kimberly also possesses a secret passion for a certain iconic rock band — one she was introduced to in a rather frightening way, at a very young age.

“I do love KISS. But, when I was three years old, I fell asleep in the car on the way to my grandmother’s house. My parents laid me down to sleep in my uncle Kenny’s room, and I had never been in there before. But I woke up, and he had his walls painted slick red, shiny as they could be, and covered in KISS posters, all around me. So, I woke up in the middle of the bed, opened my eyes to this red room with KISS posters everywhere, and of course, I screamed and had a traumatic experience. I don’t know why they didn’t think about that, me waking up to seeing these painted faces in this red room. I thought I’d woken up in Hell, for sure. That vision is burned in the back of my eyeballs.”

With radio airplay ramping up rapidly, a proper video shoot happening soon, a sophomore set slated (already) for a summer release, and a slew of upcoming live dates on the books, Kimberly Morgan York truly is a busy, buzz-worthy bee—one who’s bound to blow up big in, 3-2-1… BOOM!

Christopher Long is an author, show biz analyst, TV / radio contributor, award-winning musician and entertainment personality. Referred to once as “the rock and roll Erma Bombeck,” Long is known for his conversational, common sense writing style and passion for sharing his unique perspectives on pop culture. Raised in Missouri's rugged Ozark Mountains and on Florida's sunny Space Coast, Long currently lives in Cocoa Beach. (