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imPRESSED’s Top 11 New Indie Music Video Releases

imPRESSED shares eleven, awesome indie music videos that we have on repeat, including The Auxiliary, Jacob Miller, and RubyGld Smoke.



Enduring a tumultuous start to the new year requires excellent music. imPRESSED offers you reprieve with these eleven, awesome indie music videos that we have on repeat.

1. Kile J serves up a sweet cup of poetry in “Honey”

Their flirtatious attention to “Honey” alongside producer Cassandra Balcaza “Coco Cecé” blends style with tenderness, revering love beyond the binary. With hypnotic vocals and poetic sensuality, we’re obsessed with this vibe and we need more.

2. The Auxiliary set the scene in “Overture” 

“Overture” is one of those beautiful songs you want to get lost to. Ghostly synthesized vocals recede into an eerie synthetic ambience that is positively haunting. Melancholic and soothing, this soundscape is wreathed in warm padded layers.

3. Saynave showcases lyrical finesse on “Speak The Language”

Effortlessly cool, this track finds passionate linguist Saynave studying Swahili with his wife in mind, as she is a Kenya native. *Swoon* Previously having released music under the name N.ave. Extended Plays, he is no stranger to the rap hustle, his growing catalogue of quality music is very much deep dive worthy.

4. Jacob Miller is not just a talented wordsmith who sets his poetry to music.

He is one of the few singer-songwriters of his era for whom the music in his songs is every bit as important as the lyrics. His sophomore album Around My Head showcases Miller’s soaring vocal abilities and taps into something sweeter. Check out tracks “Leave” or “Around My Head” for instant infatuation.

5. Kelley Mickwee’s “Gold Standard” is on my wedding playlist and it should be on yours 

This down-to-earth homage to good old-fashioned love is an instant country wedding classic. Earnestly Kelley Mickwee’s voice is intimate and heartwarming. We’re so glad this Texan serenader has made time to focus her efforts on producing more solo material. Thank you, Kelley!

6. Hybrid hip-hop from Myles Lloyd in “Down Under”

A vibe! Myles Llyod’s contemplative delivery mixed with this undeniable bouncy beat gives us both insight into what matters most to him and an excuse to nod along. An expressive track that will definitely appeal to most modern rap fans.

7. Amanda Pascali delivers a powerful message with “Temporary Home”

Succinctly commenting on her own song, Amanda Pascali states, “My mission is to use music to create a space for anyone who has felt as if they didn’t ‘belong.’ My art aims to unite a powerful community of people from all backgrounds by promoting togetherness and empathy through music.” The song details those early days after immigrating when it was revealed to her father that America wasn’t exactly the “gold-paved paradise he had dreamed of.”

8.  Beth Keeping isn’t …“I’m not looking for a friend”

Clever, catchy and super playful, Beth Keeping’s vocals shine with personality. She is both impressive and intriguing. Any fan of Taylor Swift would easily fall for her relatable lyricism and cheeky delivery.

9. RubyGld Smoke seeks the “Forbidden Fruit” 

Sassy yet controlled, RubyGld Smoke brings something beautifully honest to the rotation. As husband and wife, the chemistry is palpable and this song drips with carnal energy. A little quirky but in it to win it, we’re all in on “Forbidden Fruit.”

10. Tory Floyd has something we want in “As It Is” 

Working alongside her brother Preston (aka Press Tone) of Press Tone Productions, this track draws you in and leaves you excited to see Tory Floyd’s future. While her voice is effortless, it’s this song’s purity and nostalgic post-break-up energy that has us playing “As It Is” on repeat.

11 “Find My Way,” Stefano May is irresistibly charming  

This is that dance-worthy mood booster you’ve been looking for in your Monday morning playlist. Stefano May is sincere and talented to boot. Tastefully produced, “Find My Way” will resonate with anyone who holds family dear.