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Premiere: Dumb Waiter Live Out Their Dreams on the Outlandish “Digging a Hole Under a Bodega”

Dumb Waiter show off their outlandish ideas in their quite brilliant new track ‘Digging a Hole under a Bodega’ which we’re premiering here.



Founded by Nick Crider and Nathaniel Roseberry in Richmond, VA back in 2012, what started out as a bratty need for Crider to play on a gig he had booked, has turned into a career that has spawned four albums to date for the impossible-to-pigeonhole Dumb Waiter.

“Back then, I was the booking agent at non-profit venue space and I had booked Lightning Bolt and wanted to be a complete brat and play the show as well. So I asked Nathaniel to start a noise power violence band.”

Band members joined, a few practices were had and, here we are with the band about to drop their fifth album, Gauche Gists on June 24th. Having mutated into what they best describe as “avant-garde jazz rock,” with the help of V13, we’re helping make sure this group is on your radar by premiering their new track “Digging a Hole Under a Bodega.”

By what guitarist Nick Crider told us, the band got to live out their dreams recording the new track, no matter how dumb those dreams were: “We think it’s important to thank our sound engineers Kevin Bernsten and Matt Redenbo for putting up with our nonsense. Being an ambitious small band with a modest budget doesn’t usually bode well for outlandish and dumb ideas in a recording studio but Kevin and Matt graciously encouraged them. We also want to thank Jon Hawkins (Opin, Navi, and Thumpr) for the modular synth at the beginning of the track.”


Turning to the album, the guitarist explains:

“I think about our music mirroring the chaos of life. Things overlap and clash, different tunes play simultaneously, but in that dissonance is a hidden harmony. What shouldn’t go together does, and different situations/feelings/ideas/problems/solutions all simultaneously exist in the chaos. The experience of the listener mirrors that of the conscious being inundated with all of these elements. They actively decide what they want to pull out of the chaos, and how they’ll interpret that. Other aspects may get left disregarded, and we write our music in a way that leaves the listener with that choice. I think a good example of this is within the title, Experiencing Loss in a Grocery Store, where two pallets clash and combine. The listener is presented with banality and despair, all masked with adult contemporary.”

Dumb Waiter release Gauche Gists through Ossein Records on June 24th, 2022 and you can pre-order your copy here.

Gauche Gists Track Listing:

1. Indigestion During a Eulogy
2. Experiencing Loss in a Grocery Store
3. Eavesdropping on a Crisis
4. Acceptance Speech to an Empty Room
5. Climbing up a Broken Ladder
6. Working for The Federal Reserve
7. Joy in a Walk-in Freezer
8. Descending the Same Broken Ladder
9. Digging a Hole under a Bodega


Artwork for ‘Gauche Gists’ by Dumb Waiter

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