Bay Area hardcore/metal label Glacier Recordings offered us this split EP between Oregon’s FØES and California’s Heated, titled War On Everything. Going in blind for a split with two bands I haven’t yet listened to was one of the best parts of exploring the hardcore scene, so I decided to do likewise this time.

And right away, what becomes most apparent is the absolute power and violence this split delivers. Right off the hop, FØES blasts the listener with vitriol and sonic rage. It’s an approach that doesn’t waiver until partway through their second song, “Dog Catcher,” and only then to let bodies kill each other in mid-tempo pit fury for one of the most disgusting breakdowns I’ve heard this year. Powerviolence fanatics will appreciate the Weekend Nachos and Nails vibes, and hardcore vets will appreciate it for the crowd-killing opportunities it provides.

A quick look at the time after they close and it’s been less than five minutes; enough to prompt the listener to shake their head in disbelief. This is a big space to fill; And as electronic strains on “Immune Leap” from Heated’s first of two tracks begin, it’s hard to imagine they can follow up this madness.

You needn’t worry: their auditory assault is immediate, with vocals summoning up impressions of The Body or IDYLLS, while the electronic strains remind the listener of bands like Triumph Of Gnomes from yesteryear, with all the violence that the rest of that Debello Recordings lineup was infamous for. There are parts on the band’s two entries that, to my ear, nod at Daughters, Comeback Kid, and The Chariot, but the band’s particular iteration of metallic hardcore is a welcome respite from the formulaic.

All in all, this is a vicious little split, but with big moods, big swings, and most notably, big talent on it. The kind of split I always appreciated the most when the world of hardcore was just opening up to me. Check out these acts as soon as they pop up in your area. And wear steel toes.

War On Everything Track Listing:

1. Ghost Town (FØES)
2. Dog Catcher (FØES)
3. Immune Leap (Heated)
4. Doom Feed (Heated)

Run Time: 10:37
Release Date: May 27, 2022
Record Label: Glacier Recordings


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