It’s essential that you’ve gotten to know Oneself better over the last few weeks… since the release of BLACK-OUT ARISES’ debut album last month. The French/American trio recorded the album last year amid France’s strict pandemic-related lockdown measures. Released via the French label Klonosphere, which they recently signed to, the band took a rigorous approach to songwriting with them. It was about making the best debut possible that would speak to their sound and who they wanted to introduce themselves as, which is a big, gutsy, rock record that pulls no punches. Musically and thematically, the influence of world events was unavoidable when recording the music. There are a lot of musings on things such as autonomy, human activity (or inactivity), and personal freedom.

While most bands can barely muster up ten tracks for a proper full-length, BLACK-OUT ARISES have come flying out of the gates with eighteen tracks. Take it as the group’s statement of intent that makes it perfectly clear who they are, what they are, and where they intend to head in the future.

The opportunity to discuss Oneself in greater detail was too good to pass up, so we linked up with guitarist Yoann Marrec for a special track-by-track rundown. We discussed the songs’ inspirations and what they mean to the three members, and the emotional depth of the record.


“…is about action, and having to face your fears in order to respect yourself. In the music video, the main character is exposed daily to her boss’ bad temper. She decides to respect herself and to face her fears. She put herself in action to fix it, assuming and accepting all consequences.”


“…is inspired by Fukushima. It’s a cautionary tale about what can happen if human beings continue to work against the natural law of the universe. In the music video, we are playing in a junkyard, with a backdrop of devastation and destruction. You can see intact buildings, streets, and flats, but no sign of life anywhere.”


“…is a song that speaks about being present in a moment. The character is questioning himself and worrying if his mind will get the better of him. Can he control it enough to use it as a tool to help him be more present? The feeling inside is getting better because his connection to a moment he is part of, grows and grows.”

Artwork for the album ‘Oneself’ by BLACK-OUT ARISES


“…is about being able to express your love for people. The character is in love with someone, but he’s very shy. He needs to confront his fears and tell her how he feels in his heart, accepting the outcome, good or bad.”


“…is about being connected and grounded. To be balanced in both body and mind. Connected to the ground, connected to the air. Centred.”

6. “FIRE”

“…talks about boredom. The character in the song is trying to build excitement and ask the girl he’s meeting to talk and do something enjoyable.”


“…is about someone who wants to do as many things as possible. He tries to drag himself out of the situation he’s in but all he can do is dream of going far away to rebuild a life anew.”


“…is a description of a world populated with people who are attentive and naturally want to help others. It’s normal, it’s habitual. The character dreams about this brave new world and wants to will it into existence.”

9. “LET’S GO”

“…is about following your wishes and doing what you want to do. If you feel as though something is good for you, whatever the stakes involved, the only thing to truly consider is what you feel inside.”

10. “STAND UP”

“…is about will and resistance, and believing in oneself. In the lyrics, the character in the song is in a bad situation but he still believes in himself. He manages to find the energy and wants to free himself once and for all.”

11. “NOW”

“…is a character who’s remembering his teenage years and recalling how carefree he was in moments shared with his close friends. Creating art and adventures together with passion and no limits. He tries to find this feeling again in his current life.”

12. “WALK”

“…is about a man in a bar who’s bored. He’s watching people around him and doesn’t have any desire to speak to them because he finds conversations uninteresting and wants to meet someone exciting. He walks out from the bar and into the street, watching the lights in hopes of finding a sign that will signal change.”

13. “CALL”

“…sees a character who finds love with someone. He has that sensation of being in a magical world. He doesn’t know why he loves her, but he does.”


“…is about a character who no longer experiences happiness in being with his girlfriend anymore. She’s his love but she’s distant and removed, so he decides to leave her.”


“…is about a man who’s searching for love. He eventually meets a girl but discovers that she is with someone else. It’s about his wishes to be with her and believing strongly that she’s the only one.”

16. “WORLD”

“…is a familial tale about two brothers embarking on a great journey.”

17. “SNOW”

“…is about a man who’s looking out a window in his house and recalling feelings and memories for his ex-wife and all they created together.”


“…is about a couple who want to share everything together and not waste a single second of time. Doing this, they achieve great energy together and decide to take that energy out into the world.”


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