Every artist or band has that certain sparkplug, you know, the thing that instigates imagination and inventiveness. For an act like Cathedral Ceilings, that creative stimulus usually comes from spontaneity. You can hear it in full force on the group’s brand new single “Nancy,” which they have released with an accompanying music video. This song is a high-octane affair like a nice shot of adrenaline, a banger with catchy lyrics and an equally crazy music video.

“Nancy” is the second single from the trio’s brand new album Summer of Misguided Dynamite, which will see its official release on May 27th on both digital and vinyl formats. The song accurately represents what’s to come when the album drops, a collection of fast-paced, supercharged tracks that are both melodic and intense. It will undoubtedly be a must-have for any fan of aggressive punk rock.

When asked about “Nancy,” guitarist Ralphie Malanga says:

“This song could have had any woman’s name. Paula. Carla, Megan. But the January 6th insurrection happened when I was writing lyrics, so Nancy got stuck in my head.”

There are certain defining characteristics of any band, and what makes Cathedral Ceilings unique is the anything-goes approach to their process. Basically, the process is that there is no process; songs are free to develop in various ways with no set formula or expectations. Melodies often develop spontaneously, sometimes the chorus comes first, and maybe a riff gets things moving; it’s no telling how a song will develop. They try to be in the moment when they write songs, which helps create a particular urgency in their sound.

Suppose there’s one promise that Cathedral Ceilings can make you about Summer of Misguided Dynamite. In that case, it will be a big ball of blazing energy, unforgettable hooks, and a set of songs perfect for livening you up as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.

Summer of Misguided Dynamite Track Listing:

1. Rt. 1
2. Zero
3. Nancy
4. Recycle Me
5. Clock Strikes N
6. Every Summer’s Eve
7. And How
8. Same Old Song
9. Addition By Sedition
10. Wanted To Say
11. The Prosciutto Happiness
12. You Weren’t Everything

Artwork for the album ‘Summer of Misguided Dynamite’ by Cathedral Ceilings