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Irish Artist Andrea Magee Premieres Her Homage-Paying Single “Belfast Girl”

With passion and power on full display, Andrea Magee is out to impress with her latest single, “Belfast Girl,” a terrific example of vocal strength and emotion.



Oh, that longing heart of ours. Our mind may want to point us in one direction, but our heart points us in a completely different one. With passion and power on full display, Andrea Magee is out to impress on her latest single, “Belfast Girl,” a terrific example of vocal strength and emotion.

This is a song that you can tell comes from a very personal place for the singer-songwriter; It also acts as the title track to her brand new album, due out in July. Her vocals soar throughout this power ballad, a song that is a tribute to sorts of Magee’s homeland of Belfast, Ireland. Proud of her Northern Irish heritage, “Belfast Girl” is in some ways tips its hat to the artist’s native city. Living for the past five years in the United States, with Austin, Texas currently her home, Magee has had the time and the distance to reflect on her native land and just what it means to her.

In her own words, Magee states:

“‘Belfast Girl’ is an honest atmospheric love letter to home, an ethereal ballad with an emotive vocal delivery capturing the heartache within us when we long for all we know and love and feel homesick. A cinematic sound world of luscious vocals, sweeping electric guitars setting the bed for (some) heartfelt soaring vocals that tell this honest story of reflection and hope. The honest lyrical content serves as a reminder of the sacrifices one has to make in pursuit of more. A song for all, near or far from home.”

As an album, Belfast Girl is a significant step forward for Magee as a songwriter. The songs are more complete, thorough, and demonstrate her growing confidence as a musician. At the same time, she really does take the time to offer an honest reflection on her heritage and the wisdom she has gained from growing up in Northern Ireland. She pays tribute to her home and the community within which it is located while in a sense letting down her guard and allowing her vulnerability to show through. This honest approach has really endeared Magee to her fanbase who have really taken to her authentic, connective storytelling.

After recording six albums with the band Beat Root Revival, it was time for Magee to try something new, and while many artists would be unsure of how to proceed, she has proven that she can capably handle the reigns of being a solo musician. Belfast Girl will continue to build on the thoughtful songwriting she introduced on her first independent album Only Love.

With her focus on the natural power of her music, Magee will leave you feeling connected to her storytelling and her candour.

Artwork for the single “Belfast Girl” by Andrea Magee

Artwork for the album ‘Belfast Girl’ by Andrea Magee