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Foreign Hands – ‘Bleed The Dream’ [EP] [Album Review]

Taking influences from the 00s metalcore scene, Foreign Hands packs a mighty punch on their new EP ‘Bleed The Dream.’



Hailing from Delaware, metallic hardcore band Foreign Hands dispensed with all pleasantries when writing the material on their new five-track EP, Bleed The Dream. A trip back to the height of the metallic hardcore/metalcore scene at the turn of the century, this five-tracker is a harsh, savage affair that will certainly pique the interests of those of us who spent the early part of the 2000s grabbing everything we could by bands like Poison The Well.

The clock stops just short of fifteen minutes for these five tracks, and while that might seem a little brief for five songs, Foreign Hands pack enough of a wallop in those fourteen and a half minutes to do some real damage. Lurching into the abrasive opener “Anemoia,” you might find that there is very little on Bleed The Dream that you haven’t heard before, but, what Foreign Hands have in spades, is quality. Galloping riffs, pit-ready breakdowns, a splash of melody and vocals that strip paint, Bleed The Dream is raw fury at its finest. “A Cardiac Winter” is the perfect example of how the band crams 160 seconds full of breakneck metalcore and wonderful melodies into such a short time without the song feeling like it loses focus or direction.

Given the short run time, Bleed The Dream is a smash and grab kind of EP. Bashing you in the face with what will be a familiar sound to many listeners, not only do Foreign Hands do enough to grab your attention but, at fourteen short, vicious minutes, they also do plenty to leave you wanting much more.

Bleed The Dream Track Listing:

1. Anemoia
2. Separation Souvenier
3. A Cardiac Winter
4. Hesitation Mark
5. Bleed The Dream

Run Time: 14:24
Release Date: March 18, 2022
Record Label: Daze Style

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