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Apes – ‘Lullabies for Eternal Sleep’ [EP] [Album Review]

On ‘Lullabies for Eternal Sleep,’ Apes create the kind of psychosis-inducing sound that will leave you shuffling uncomfortably in your seat.



We all have that one friend with whom we share that musical connection. The friend who will WhatsApp you with a message saying “fuck me, check out xxxx, it’s stunning.” This was precisely the message I got last week regarding Quebec extreme metal outfit Apes and their new twelve-minute onslaught Lullabies For Eternal Sleep.

Four fancy-free tracks of nihilistic fury, Lullabies For Eternal Sleep might be over before you’ve had time to really digest Apes’ musical meal but what a feast those four dishes offer up. Sitting uncomfortably alongside bands like Napalm Death and Nails, Apes’ destructive mix of filthy, distorted grind and a cold, almost industrial, machine-like undercurrent is truly horrifying to listen to. Take “Devour,” for example, which groans into life to a back-breaking onslaught of sludgy, disgusting grindcore and machine-like droning.

At their most raging, Apes’ sound is one of that nightmares are made of. For one hundred and twenty seconds precisely, the band absolute tear through “No Will To Live,” a lethal psychosis-inducing cocktail of white-hot rage and neck-snapping chug then, just to finish you off, the sound bleeds hauntingly into the final track “Sore.” Bringing the EP to a close, the extreme outfit creates a sinister mood to wrap things leaving you shuffling uncomfortably in your seat.

The grindcore scene is full of releases that barely touch the fifteen-minute mark. It’s almost a trademark of the genre. However, most of them are pretty forgettable. This is not the case with Lullabies For Eternal Sleep. For twelve horrifying minutes, Apes give you an insight into their disturbing world, it is an insight you won’t forget in a hurry either.

Lullabies for Eternal Sleep Track Listing:

1. Cornwall
2. Devour
3. No Will To Live
4. Sore

Run Time: 12:16
Release Date: January 7, 2022
Record Label: Translation Loss

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