There are some very good Signals coming from Lights on the Coast, with the release of their new EP. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the band since the EP dropped just last week, via Manic Kat Records. The release of the EP coincided with the debut of the band’s brand new music video for “Wraith.”

Written primarily during the worst of the pandemic, the EP is a perceptive, astute examination of real-life, personal growth, and personal relationships. Despite the excitement for the EP’s release, it’s all a little bit bittersweet since it comes in the wake of the sudden passing of guitarist Victor Hernandez earlier this year.

Sonically, the album is defined by its intricate sets of riffs, explosive breakdowns, and unmatched choruses, making this a melodic metalcorer’s dream. It’s another step forward in the young trio’s maturation process, as they work up to the recording of their debut full-length.

To get to know the band a little better and to help shed some light on this inspiring release, we connected with Lights on the Coast for an exclusive track-by-track rundown of each song featured on this impressive new offering.

1. “Wraith”

“The EP opener, for me, ‘Wraith’ is about being lost and finding your way. Sometimes when we’re hurt we end up wanting to revert to old things for comfort, when unfortunately we have to move forward and grow. Change is scary but it’s always necessary.”

2. “Blood Red”

“This song was a little more abstract. It was about struggling with the truths of who we are. It is believed we all have sides of ourselves whether it’s two or more. This is about those sides struggling, and tearing our worlds apart. It also correlates to how we try and hide those sides when they’re not so acceptable/enjoyable.”

Artwork for the album ‘Signals’ by Lights on the Coast

3. “Suffused”

“Suffused is all about growth. It’s about facing everything that comes your way and doing your best to conquer them. The lyrics I wrote in this song were based on a really tough time when I was so frustrated and broken down that I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs crying to just feel okay. It was a huge moment for me because after having that conversation with myself, everything started getting better. It was a wonderful feeling finding a song to put those words and experience on paper.”

4. “The Broken Signal”

“This track is such a tearjerker. This touches the premise on drowning ourselves into people, and giving them all we have only to end up empty and broken. It covers later on in the song that we CANNOT dwell on these things, whether it’s certain dreams or goals. We have to do our best to move on no matter what and succeed.”

5. “Lapse”

“‘Lapse’ is definitely one of our angrier songs. This is about the people you know that are just straight-up cruel/betraying. They don’t deserve to be a part of your life no matter what they do or who they are. It’s a lesson that you know you can do better, and be better without these types of people in your life.”


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