Erupting with passion, desire, and an overwhelming zeal for their work, Sam Cobra are blowing up with their brand new music video for “The Promise.” It’s the first new music to hear from the quartet’s brand new sophomore record Dark Matter, an ambitious project that they have really delivered on all fronts. Dreamy and introspective in nature, the video captures the psychedelic feel of the song perfectly, with its vibrant colour scheme, and a certain ethereal quality that makes it feel a little bit trippy.

To shine some light on “The Promise” and how it was written and recorded, lead vocalist Stephanie Ward told us,

“‘The Promise’ is the first single off of Dark Matter, our second album. It’s a concept album, with each song telling part of a larger story. The deeper meaning of this song is about opening up, being vulnerable, and self-reflection. The whole song was written and arranged around the opening jam that happened unexpectedly at rehearsal one night. I hit record on my phone and came back to it months later to arrange the rest of the song. It’s one of our favorite songs to play because of how dynamic it is. The video was filmed on Capitol Hill in Seattle.”

Since their inception in 2018 in Seattle, Dark Matter is certainly the most expansive piece of music that Sam Cobra has yet to record. What began as a couple of songs about some concocted characters began to grow into something much broader, an interconnected story that, with each song joined together, becomes one larger narrative. What’s original about this concept album is that the band worked with a local Seattle comic book artist to provide illustrations for each song on the record in an effort to help add to the story by illustrating each song. It’s an attempt to reward the listener who truly puts the work into paying close attention by creating a deeper and more meaningful experience for them.

The Dark Matter story itself is a space adventure that looks at overcoming self-doubt, finding your inner strength and resilience, and respecting your environment. For a band with a mere three-year history, it’s quite a musical accomplishment that illustrates how far they’ve come in such a short time.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

12/01 – Album Release Show, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Washington
12/10 – The White Eagle, Portland, Oregon
12/11 – The Big Dirty, Eugene, Oregon

Artwork form the album ‘Dark Matter’ by Sam Cobra