We’ve got a theory. Here goes….

SO! Two major events happening today: Taylor Swift releases her version of Red, and, as of about 5 minutes ago, Britney Spears’ 13-year-long conservatorship has come to an end.

Taylor is set to perform on SNL tomorrow (Saturday, November 13th) and a rumour started swirling that she is going to bring Britney out as a surprise guest, now that she’s #FreeBritney.

This is where we went off the deep-end. Britney, for years, has been “speaking in code” through her Instagram. She has posted about “Project Rose/Just a Touch Of Rose” for ages and no one knew what the eff she was talking about – she’s now confirmed that it was about her lawyer Matthew Rosengart and the efforts to get out of the conservatorship. One of the other wtf “projects” she’s posted over the past year+ was called “Red.” She would cryptically share a bunch of random photos of red things and talk about “project red.”

Taylor is also well known for leaving easter eggs, especially on Instagram, for her fans. She is also a meticulous planner and does nothing by accident. THE DAY AFTER it’s announced that Britney’s dad has been suspended as conservator and that on November 12th it would be decided if the conservatorship would be terminated, Taylor announces she’s moving her album release from November 19th to the 12th.

THE DAY AFTER THAT, Britney posts one of her cryptic red photos (some red cloths on a clothesline – sure.)

And when we say we did a full-on spit-take this morning when we opened up Instagram and saw that not more than 6 hours before Red (Taylor’s Version) hit DSPs, Miss Britney Jean Spears posted a picture of a GD red apple (see: SNL studio location).


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If this is all true, we believe that Taylor has been behind the scenes for a while trying to aid Britney in her bid for freedom. This is a woman that has actual legal experience involving abuse/misogyny (see: counter-suing a radio DJ who sexually assaulted her…FOR ONE DOLLAR), and experience in trying to get out from under the thumb of men who are controlling her music. Plus she’s all about that women-supporting-women life, and she’s petty af (see: her entire catalogue of music). It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Taylor had reached out to Britney’s lawyer to see how she could help with this kind of “PR” campaign.

Also, can we talk about how this would be the most mind-blowing marketing campaign for an album re-issue if it ended up all being true? We would quit. There would be no more music promotion left to do in the world, Taylor had completed it all.

Anyway. This is all to say that if we’re out of the office on Monday because Taylor brought out a newly freed Britney to perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on live television as the biggest eff-you to the patriarchy of all time, it will be because we are dead.

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