Comprising of Psycroptic vocalist Jason Peppiatt with drummer/Psycroptic bandmate Joe Haley alongside him, Domination Campaign recently unleashed their Onward to Glory album through Prosthetic Records. With lyrics inspired by the major battles and wars throughout history, the death metal pair took us on a track-by-track rundown of the album.

1. “Death Before Dishonour”

“I wrote the music for this song a few years before my vision for this band really started to come to reality. I really wanted to revisit the roots of death metal as a genre with it and write simple, solid, heavy riffs. Lyrically, it’s about the war in the pacific (Pacific War – World War II) and how brutal it was.”

2. “Onward To Glory”

“I wrote this song just after ‘Death Before Dishonour’ and musically I feel it has the same sort of heavy bulldozing vibe going on. The lyrics are World War I themed, trying to capture the anxiety and fear that must have plagued the soldiers in the trenches waiting to go over the top.”

3. “As Daylight Breaks”

“This song was written to have a bit more of a thrash feel to it, but the more it came together the more it kind of lost that element. I wanted to put a bigger sounding chorus in it without adding too many layers, and I had the Band of Brothers episode ‘Bastogne’ in mind when I was writing the lyrics for this one – more so for the feeling of it than the actual story.”

4. “The Sniper’s Gaze”

“This is the slow song on the album, well the whole album is pretty slow, but this is the slowest! I wasn’t sure if I liked this song or not when I first wrote it, but when it was all recorded and put together it ended up being one of my favourites. When I first heard drums on the opening riff I loved it, Joe (Haley) really nailed it!”

5. “A Modern Age of War”

“This is probably the odd song out a little bit as it starts with a bit of a modern ‘slam’ type riff, I guess that’s what you’d call it anyway. I wanted a song that had an upbeat groove as the main riff. I actually wrote the lyrics for this with Psycroptic in mind, but in the end, I thought it was a better fit for Domination Campaign.”

6. “Against The Odds”

“The original vision for this was for it to be a fast song but that all changed in the studio. We felt that we needed to pull the tempo back a lot and keep the vibe in line with the rest of the album. The lyrics are kind of a typical story about a regiment being cut off and looking like they’re done for, then getting saved at the last minute and getting their victory.”

7. “Terror From Above”

“We started this song with a bit more of a black metal feel to it. I had this idea in mind of having an air raid siren going off at the start, and we found this intro really worked with it to capture the eerie feeling we were going for. I’d watched a documentary on the London Blitz not long before writing this song and that gave me the inspiration for the lyrics.”

8. “The Domination Campaign”

“This is probably the most up-tempo song on the album. It was the last song we put together. I had a whole bunch of leftover riffs so I just recorded them all and Joe went through and cut and pasted them all together to make it into a song. I was really happy with the way it came out and I feel it’s one of the strongest songs off the album.”

Artwork for ‘Onward to Glory’ by Domination Campaign

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