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Wit Blu Muses on the Injustice in Society with Her New Single, “One Phone Call” [Video Premiere]



Los Angeles-based artist Wit Blu is taking a chilled-out approach to a serious issue with her latest single, “One Phone Call.” Released via Blanket Fort Records, Wit Blu teamed up with the well-known and well-respected GEO to write, record, and produce the song.

GEO has become quite the name within his genre, both as a producer and a highly talented and productive chill-hop artist in his own right. With its soulful pop and trip-hop beats, “One Phone Call” has a laid-back vibe to it, but it’s actually both a candid and a personal song that discusses the complexities of dealing with a loved one who is trapped within the prison system.

With more to say on her new single, Wit Blu offered, “I wrote ‘One Phone Call’ at a time when I was feeling hopeless about the situation. I was thinking about how we are all the same, we are all human, but because of life choices and the unjust justice system, I live my life free while others are locked in a cage, sometimes indefinitely. I wrote this song to heal. I am releasing this song in hopes it will help other people going through it.”

Specializing in soul-pop, Wit Blu is still a young artist. She first started releasing music in 2017 and since then, she has amassed an impressive collection of singles, combining her flair for being able to write emotional lyrics that pair very nicely with chilled out beats. With “One Phone Call,” she really wanted to emphasize the human aspect of life. No matter what our strengths, weaknesses, experiences, or history are, we are all human, we make mistakes, and that doesn’t justify the fact that the justice system often treats those most in need in the harshest manner.

Wit Blu wrote this song in the hopes that it could help provide others who are close to someone stuck in the prison system some hope or at least let them know that they’re not alone. Frank, authentic, and conscientious are three appropriate adjectives that help sum up Wit Blu. It’s all she knows and ultimately, it’s an approach that will guide her to very good things in what can be an otherwise cutthroat and confusing industry.

Artwork for “One Phone Call” by Wit Blu