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Cobra Cobra are Big, Bold, and Beautiful on Their “A Little Dark, A Little Sick” Music Video [Premiere]



There’s no warm-up period for Cobra Cobra, with the band off to the races on their debut full-length LP, Life After Poison. The band bolted out the gates last summer with the twelve-track effort, a thick slab of classic guitars, heavy metal sensibilities, and slamming drum patterns.

There’s a certain heavy sound that the band is going for with their music, which is none the more apparent than in their latest single and music video for “A Little Dark, A Little Sick.” The brooding new song sounds modern, but has that classic, ’80s metal feel to it. You can hear that sort of Van Halen, Motley Crue vibe, but then you can’t help but notice that modern metal quality to the instrumentation. It’s like two genres or eras colliding together, and it couldn’t sound any huger.

Consistent with their no-nonsense approach to their music, the music video for “A Little Dark, A Little Sick” is a straight-to-the-point, vintage performance video. Commented singer Chris Ratzlaff, “While we are proud of all of the songs on our debut album, ‘A Little Dark, A Little Sick’ was chosen for our first music video because it’s a fan favorite and has already enjoyed airtime overseas in the UK. We wanted to shoot a video that showcased our ability on our instruments, so we chose an outdoor location with great lighting in an industrial park in Southeast Portland. We feel the warehouse location and surrounding street art bring the gritty feel of the intro riff and hooks in this song to life.”

Located in Portland, Oregon, Ratzlaff is joined in the band by brothers Derek (guitarist) and Chancellor Reeder (drummer), as well as bassist Bryce VanHoosen. Life After Poison is defined by its combination of classic rock guitars, post-hardcore-influenced riffs, and explosive ‘80s drums. There aren’t a lot of bands capable of pulling off a sound characterized by retro, mixed with modern influences, but Cobra Cobra has pulled it off with style and assurance.

There are certain bands that are at their best when they just sound immense. This is most certainly one of them. Mega riffs, monumental choruses, and riotous breakdowns… It’s all just par for the course with Cobra Cobra.

Artwork for ‘Life After Poison’ by Cobra Cobra