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Have a First Listen to Nashville Power Poppers Tayls’ New Single “Like A Dog”



Those darn drummers… There’s no shiftier member of a rock n’ roll band than the bloody drummer. One might assume that all he can do is sit back there, keep time, and look pretty, and meanwhile, he’s got all the talent of a frontman waiting to be discovered. From Dave Grohl, to Phil Collins, to Don Henley, to even Chris Cornell… The list is endless.

The latest name on the “really talented drummer list” is Taylor Cole, drummer of Nashville rockers Creature Comfort, and now lead singer of Tayls. A group composed of some of the most standout, Nashville-based musicians, Tayls has become a mainstay of the local music scene. The band is about to kick it into high gear with the forthcoming release of their new full-length Have You Ever? (I’ve Always), which should be coming your way this summer. It’s been preceded by the release of first single “Scarlet Letter,” which is now being followed up by powerfully, energetic “Like A Dog,” which we’re offering you a first listen of today.

“Like A Dog” is about the overwhelming stress of success, and how friendship can serve as a very useful tool to ground yourself and find the necessary determination. Explaining “Like A Dog” and its context, Cole told us, “This song to me is about reaching out for success and never giving up. I really mean the opening statement, I would die for my friends. With this song, I state here and now that I’ll do anything for the people I love. Together we are going to make the world we want to see, together we can become the people that we are trying so desperately to be.

I grew up in Tennessee, but never wanted to ‘live’ here. I was always feeling so held back by the country livin’ lifestyle. I felt like all these right wing adjacent peoples just didn’t understand me, and wanted to fit me in a mold. I, however, saw the world from the TV and computer screen and wanted to reach in and pull myself into it. I wanted to be in NYC with the cool bands or in Cali with the hot models. It was a world that I was denied access to before I could even reach the door man. I guess I’m still in line at the queue, just waiting to prove that I too deserve to be in the club.”

To pinpoint the sound and style that Cole foresaw for Tayls, he hooked up with The Flaming Lips keyboardist and guitarist Jake Ingalls, who’s also well regarded for fronting the psychedelic rock band Spaceface. Cole felt that Ingalls was the perfect fit for Have You Ever? (I’ve Always), because he provided the necessary energy and drive, and more than anything, he was already very well respected by the band members.

Tayls took a no-fear approach to this new album, diving into difficult subject matter like substance abuse, questionable relationships within the music industry, the fear of ageing, jealousy, and the death of Cole’s high school sweetheart. There comes a certain point in most band’s careers where you write “that record,” the one that really defines you as a music group. Tayls have arrived at that point with Have You Ever? (I’ve Always).

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