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Sacred Oath Wreak Havok with Their New “Cthulhu Wakes” Lyric Video [Premiere]



Don’t look now, but the beast has been awakened, and it’s coming… for you! The beast that we’re talking about is Cthulhu, the imposing, gigantic, underwater creature made famous by writer H.P. Lovecraft, introduced in his 1928 short story The Call of Cthulhu. Well, the celebrated power metallers Sacred Oath have chosen Cthulhu as the subject matter for their latest single and lyric video for “Cthulhu Wakes,” the lead track from their brand new record, Return of The Dragon.

Officially due out on April 2nd, the hype for this album is off the charts, with Return of The Dragon the band’s first new studio album since 2017’s Twelve Bells. This is the fourth single to be released from the record, and it continues with the waterfall release that Sacred Oath is doing for it, issuing a new single every two weeks since the January 15th drop of the title track. To accompany every single, drummer KennyThundarrEvans, the band’s resident artist, has designed some legendary cover art that also features a return to their logo used for previous albums such as World On Fire.

Reflecting on the songwriting process behind “Cthulhu Wakes,” singer and guitarist Rob Thorne said, “H.P. Lovecraft’s underwater monster Cthulhu seemed like the perfect beast for this song when I sat down to write the lyrics. The instrumental passages set my imagination on fire with vivid scenes of robotic tentacles wreaking havoc on everything within reach, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing happen here in America with foreign and domestic adversaries hacking into our infrastructure systems. I wonder, is it just a matter of time until artificial intelligence get the upper hand over the human race?”

It’s been a long time since their 1985 inception, but somehow Sacred Oath has managed to age like a fine wine. It’s not easy to maintain such significant anticipation in a fanbase after over 35 years together, but the band has managed to do just that. What’s really been integral to cultivating that energy is the addition of guitarist and keyboardist extraordinaire Damiano Christian following the “Twelve Bells at Midnight” tour. At the time he joined the band, Christian was only 19 years old and that youthful spirit and enthusiasm have really helped offer them an internal jolt that had Sacred Oath firing on all cylinders, heading into the recording of Return of The Dragon.

Featuring ten new songs, this is vintage Sacred Oath, emotionally powerful, and sounding as thunderous as ever. There are few metal artists who have been able to remain this prolific for this long, never mind a self-managed, and self-produced outfit like this one. What’s remained intact throughout the last 25 years is the band’s undying commitment to releasing the most quality metal music they can conceive of. That is again the case with this new record, one that will no doubt stand out as one of their most stunning efforts to date.

Artwork for “Chtulhu Wakes” by Sacred Oath

Artwork for ‘Return of the Dragon’ by Sacred Oath