Behold the marvellous traveling show of Wolver, a Swedish trio of peculiar entertainers: The Protagonist (lead vocals and guitar), The Brawler (drums), and The Charmer (guitar). In a world parallel to ours where prophecies and magic still rule over human existence, their nomadic spectacle enlightens audiences with a sound that pays homage to several decades of theatrical rock (stretching from Queen to Panic! at the Disco).

The band are premiering their new video for “101”, a track taken from their debut album ACT I: It Starts With a Bow.

Speaking of the track, the band state: “The song encourages audiences to keep on fighting for their aspirations. This might be a cliché, but you haven’t failed until you give up. We have always believed, and won’t stop believing in our dream. In a way, we’ve already succeeded.

With a dress code worthy of a Victorian master of ceremonies, Wolver creates a clockwork synergy between stompy riffs and majestic vocal harmonies. Imagine a groovy cabaret act merging Queen, Muse, and Queens of the Stone Age, with Radiohead-like lyrics that encourage audiences to become “less hypnotized [by society’s status quo] than they’ve ever been”.

Artwork for ‘It Stars with a Bow’ by Wolver

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