War Drum Syndicate may sound like the name of a business entity intended to carry out shady, questionable, and suspicious dealings, but in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. This group of musical dudes is concerned with only one objective; rocking the fuck out—which couldn’t be any more apparent than on their brand new single, “Seasons Fall.”

The song is heavy rock in its finest moment, with metallic riffs, heavy breakdowns, and anthemic wails coming from lead singer Robert Norman, bemoaning the negativity that comes from liars who are merely concerned with harming you. It’s tried, tested, and true heavy rock for all of you lovers of big and bold southern hard rockers and metallers such as Shinedown and Pantera.

With a few words regarding “Seasons Fall,” the band collectively stated, “This song is very special to us. It’s about when people make up lies and try to burn you down, but you always rise above the ashes like the Phoenix.”

A real people’s band, War Drum Syndicate come to you from the southern confines of Alabama where they have successfully etched out a place for themselves among the heavy hitters of the regional hard rock scene. Featuring a veteran core of musicians who are quite familiar with the road, what separates WDS from the rest of the pack is their ambitious work ethic and relatable songs that lean on the realities of the human experience.

Huge believers in the connection formed between band and audience, this is a group of guys driven by the love they receive from their fans, which they very willingly return in the form of lively, energetic performances. WDS is currently working through their next batch of songs which they hope to release before the end of the year. Once that happens, you can be certain that they’ll be chomping at the bit to get back out on the road whenever they’re given the green light.

Artwork for ‘War Drum Syndicate’ by War Drum Syndicate