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Stand Back Before Opening Nehoda’s Latest Single “Shakey Pop” [Premiere]



Many often try, but very few succeed at spanning the spectrum of rock with their own music. It’s a fact that many artists often get backed into one particular musical corner of what we refer to as rock n’ roll and they are rarely able to unchain themselves from this association. On the other hand, every once in a while there comes an artist or band that can fine-tune their sound to fit any specific sub-genres, even over the course of one song.

Well, Nehoda certainly fits into this elusive category as you’ll find with their brand new single “Shakey Pop” from their new album But Anyways…, due out on October 2nd. There’s such a great classic alternative rock sound about “Shakey Pop,” certainly reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr, but that’s just one of a variety of styles that you’ll find on this record. You’ll also discover some lean mean guitar riffs, more classic, bluesy sounds, tender melodies, and some more progressive influences. Lyrically, But Anyways… covers a lot of ground, with something for everyone to relate to and connect with.

Commenting on the context of the new single, lead singer and guitarist Patrick Nehoda said, “We are stoked to give everyone a taste of what we created back in February with ‘Shakey Pop.’ This is some get in the car, crank up the volume, and go for a drive rock n’ roll.”

Nehoda’s music comes from a very personal place, inspired by the events of his previous life as a paramedic and a firefighter. It takes enormous courage to do that line of work and there’s no way around the tremendous responsibility that you bear day in and day out. When you’re encountering life and death decisions each and every day, you tend to give a lot of thought to who you are, what you do, and what life is all about. In contemplating this over an extended period of time, Nehoda came to the realization that he had a more personal story to share which was the inspiration behind the writing and recording of his debut record Don’t Forget The Hat.

That personal touch has continued on But Anyways… which has been aided by Nehoda’s bandmates, bassist Grayson Papa, and drummer Jeremy Gill. Meeting Papa and Gill helped Nehoda find his musical footing where the trio was free to experiment with any sound they so pleased. What ties it all together is a heartfelt sincerity that makes this a band that’s oh so easy to connect with. Whether you’re sipping a beer, going for a drive, reminiscing, or just hanging out, there’s something for everyone with Nehoda.

Artwork for ‘But Anyways…’ by Nehoda