The atmosphere is starting to feel Electric! and it’s all as a result of The Pinx and their addictive rock n’ roll stylings. There’s a heavy ‘70s rock sound to their new single, “Hammer of the Dogs,” which will give you a reasonable idea of just where these dudes are situated within the spectrum of rock. This is a scorching tune that pulls no punches in its approach, something typical of the group’s brand new EP, Electric!, which is due for release on August 14th.

The Pinx stand tall and proud in their affection for the golden age of rock n’ roll and make no mistake about its influence on their music. There’s no better evidence of this than in the “Hammer of the Dogs” song title, an obvious ode to the innovators of hard rock Led Zeppelin and the ‘hammer of the Gods’ lyric from their 1970 classic “Immigrant Song.” Electric! may only be five tracks in length, but it’ll wear you out with its riff rocking ways. This was all very deliberate as the members of The Pinx were intent on writing an energetic rock record with forceful vocals and smooth, crunching solos.

Despite its upbeat rambunctious tone, “Hammer of the Dogs” deals with some serious issues. Lead singer and guitarist Adam McIntyre shares, “It’s about going within, traveling into the deep dark forest of depression, crossing the gate to go beyond the veil to defeat the monster by using love, and coming back without returning the way you came. Depression was my link to the other side, and now I can access my spirituality and inspiration without it. I’m also not scared of it anymore.”

The upcoming release of Electric! comes during a time of remarkable productivity for the band and lead singer and guitarist Adam McIntyre. Since the beginning of the year, McIntyre completed work on Electric!, wrote and recorded three albums of solo material and is also already writing the fourth full-length Pinx record which will be here sooner than later. It will be the follow up to last year’s Sisters & Brothers which was widely praised critically.

The world may not be doing too well this year, but McIntyre is having the time of his life, at least when it comes to his music. He has taken full advantage of his time off the road to productively travel into a lot of musical territory he had never been before. It’s helped make him a more well-rounded songwriter, which definitely shows through on Electric!

Artwork for ‘Electric!’ by The Pinx

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