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The Fantastic Plastics – ‘MLFNCTN’ [Album Review]



Simply put, they’re bona fide “busy bees” — buzzing between bases in New York and Illinois, and crisscrossing the country on such exhaustive excursions as the iconic Vans Warped Tour. Known for their unique “spastic analog synths, frantic guitar hooks, and paranoid vocals,” The Fantastic Plastics truly are a modern-day “dynamic duo” — dropping an impressive slew of records, as well as an eye-catching array of videos throughout the last decade.

Despite the current COVID19 “thing,” songwriting guitarist/vocalist Tyson Plastic and songwriting keyboardist/vocalist and fashion designer Miranda Plastic continue powering through the perceived pandemic — blowing up on Twitch in 2020, while prepping their latest Coleco-charged collection, MLFNCTN — the seven-song remix brainchild of non-touring Plastics member, producer Dylan Plastic.

“Dylan, or as we call him, Chicken Burger Disco, has re-imagined these specific tracks,” Tyson revealed in a recent v13 interview. “This is really his project,” Tyson continued. “Dylan took the tracks from our Malfunction record (2019) and re-imagined the songs in different genres and moods.”

Arriving digitally on July 29th, MLFNCTN was mastered by Devo guitarist/keyboardist Josh Hager. Proving more appealing than pulling a Pong all-nighter, the synth-inspired, retro-style set packs maximum punch straight out the gate with a hypnotic remix of “Telephone.” Yes, “Mrs. Floyd,” we can hear you — loud and clear, my dear!

Driven by fast and furious drum fills, “Perfect Strangers” is a joystick-jerking delight — even more alluring than the original version. Drenched in a sea of angelic “Oooh la la las,” it’s “Bad Day” that beams as arguably the Plastics’ brightest tune to date — one dripping with Miranda’s irresistibly sensuous allure. “What’s wrong with me?” she asks repeatedly in the song’s infectious refrain. The answer — absolutely nothing.

“Uh-oh” — punctuated by precision electronic piano, “Disintegration” pops with Buggles-flavored perfection. And although the title and general vibe offer a “nod” to new wave/electronic innovator Gary Numan, the track, “Numan” might also prompt listeners to hop in their car and cruise the Autobahn.

The Fantastic Plastics

Considered by many to be the “Trampled Underfoot” of the Plastics’ impeccable catalog, “TV Head” was featured first on the duo’s 2016 EP, Invasion. According to Tyson, the fresh and fun MLFNCTN remix has “been in the vaults for awhile now.”

With their latest MLFNCTN, the Plastics score big, once again. By preaching from a pulpit perched in the past, they continue focusing on a fantastic future.

MLFNCTN Track Listing:

1. Telephone (3:47)
2. Perfect Strangers (3:39)
3. Bad Day (3:32)
4. Disintegration (3:28)
5. Numan (2:53)
6. Time Song (3:39)
7. TV Head (4:20)

Run Time: 25:48
Release Date: July 29, 2020
Record Label: Self-Released

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