You ever find an old Super Nintendo? You blow the dust off your favourite game, hook it up to an old TV you still have kicking around, and switch it on to find to your delight that, after all these years, it still works. That youthful glee and wonder is exactly the kind of “yearning for golden years” pop-punk for which Cologne, Germany quartet Sewer Rats have developed a following over the past 15 years.

Sewer Rats are terrific at channelling Blink-182 or NOFX levels of energy and humour. While the idea of this summer being at all magical feels laughable at the current moment, it’s clear the band’s boundless optimism is at least as genuine as it is catchy. Magic Summer brims with promise. A record this filled with nostalgic lyrics and easy-going pop-punk is likely anthemic to kids in half-pipes, whether they’re in Germany, Japan, or Stateside. In fact, Sewer Rats have played all these countries, and at least a dozen more: as of current writing, they’ve played nearly 500 shows.

There’s no mistaking the energy and commitment the band have to touring and to their sound, and even initial rotations of Magic Summer demonstrates the frenetic pace at which the foursome like to play. But perhaps the greatest talent The Sewer Rats have is their ability to feel timeless. If pop-punk ever needed a time-travelling group, one could do worse than these guys. They’re able to skate across (pun intended) eras of pop-punk while still sounding current, no matter what or where they’re playing.

Here’s hoping The Sewer Rats get to showcase their latest offering live this summer. That would be the real magic.

Magic Summer Track Listing:

1. Rejuvenate
2. I’m Quitting My Job
3. I Don’t Wanna Go To The Dentist No More
4. I Don’t Wanna Go To The Shrink No More
5. My Sweet Chun-Li
6. Nasty Cut
7. My Baby Is At Groezrock (And I Am Not)
8. Total Creep
9. Choice
10. I Don’t Wanna Leave My Room No More
11. Down For Life
12. Magic Summer

Run Time: 28:30
Release Date: April 30, 2020
Record Label: Disconnect Disconnect Records / Monster Zero Records / Uncle M Music