Do you have “Higher Hopes” for the week ahead? Yes, don’t we all… There’s perhaps never been a time where our hopes have been any higher than they are now considering society’s current collective angst. Perhaps singer Milena can inject a higher level of hope into our psyche with her new single “Higher Hopes,” the title track to her brand new EP due out May 25th. Throughout the song, Milena shines with her soulful pop delivery, well supported by the soothing sounds of her backing band. It’s an ingredient common through each track on Higher Hopes, with no shortage of good vibes to go around for everyone.

When asked about “Higher Hopes” Milena said,  “I have always had this idea of writing a powerful ballad, like one of those old school ‘80s & ‘90s classical numbers. ‘Higher Hopes’ was created in ‘one breath’ I could hear the piano intro and my voice, whispering an early morning calling to the Creator. It felt like I had a message to deliver and that message was strong and clear.

The message was of hope, faith, and belief that we can be better creatures in this world. So I had that moment of clarity, that moment when I was no longer lost and became true to myself. That moment when I was finally feeling truly happy with myself and content with being alone. Being in this moment of clarity, the lyrics came so naturally and easily to me. I’m usually more drawn to the actual melody, harmonies, and sounds, so I was even more surprised with myself having this approach to the new song.

Last year I was listening to a lot of early Dave Matthews Band songs and  I was so inspired by his flawless melodies and emotions, I believe he had a little input on my new EP, not just the song ‘Higher Hopes.’”

Currently based in London, Milena’s youth stems back to Montenegro, the small Southeastern European country off of the Adriatic Sea. She started off playing classical guitar and piano as a child prior to her studies at the local music academy. It wasn’t long before her musical abilities began to shine, with various musical prizes, festival appearances, and television commercials coming her way. Her interest in music was only natural as a result of its presence within her family which made the decision to pursue a career in the arts a rather easy one to make.

In recording Higher Hopes, Milena was assisted by Nikola Kovacevic from Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions who produced, mixed, and mastered the album. It’s another high point in her career, not only as a performer, but also as a television and media star. Milena has also worked as a radio presenter and music journalist for Capital Radio and has become very well known in her native Montenegro thanks to frequent media appearances.

With a lot of personal success in her rear-view, Milena still has “Higher Hopes” for her future. With such an abundance of personal attributes, there certainly seems like there’s a lot to be hopeful of.

Artwork for ‘Higher Hopes’ by Milena